Police Removing Protesters At Wisconsin State Capitol

 Authorities at the state Capitol are physically removing  protesters who’ve gathered near the entrance to the Assembly chamber.

This  a very unfortunate turn of events.

Democracy in Wisconsin has been turned upside down as a result of the under-handed, and devious way that the Republicans, led by Governor Walker, are conducting state politics.   What Wisconsin has witnessed over the past 24 hours is shameful and a disgrace. 

The Republicans must be held accountable for these actions.

Why in hell would any company want to locate to this state after the events that have unfolded last evening and now today?

Police carried out more than a dozen protesters from a hallway in front of the state Assembly chamber.

These were pictures of the protesters last night in front of the Assembly.


Tractor Rally At Wisconsin Capitol Saturday, March 12th At 10:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M.


This will be fun.

It is not everyday that folks with tractors get so upset about the state of…well….the state…that they bring a piece of farm equipment to the Wisconsin Capitol.  Between the anger that is brewing over union busting activities by Governor Walker, and the draconian budget cuts that will deeply impact rural Wisconsin, farmers  are coming alive with political energy.

As such on March 12th, starting at noon, farmers will be driving their tractors to the capitol.  Programs that impact rural Wisconsin such as Badgercare, school aids, and recycling programs, all that are proposed to take drastic cuts under Walker’s plan, need to be defended. 

That is why farmers are driving tractors to Madison to link arms in solidarity with others from around Wisconsin.  The event is sponsored by Family Farm Defenders, Wisconsin Farmers Union and Land Stewardship project.   

Bring a camera, and a protest sign.

I will be in charge of the weather….sunny skies will be provided…..

Wisconsin Must Recall Gov. Scott Walker

Yes, we can!

Wisconsin has a long and proud tradition of fighting for progressive causes.  What we are now witnessing in the Badger State due to the crass and calculated political machinations of Gov. Walker is both an insult to our heritage, and our intelligence.  We know that ending union rights and collective bargaining for state and public employees is not the way to proceed in this state.  Too many of our families have been engaged in the long history of the labor movement, and way more have benefitted from the results.

This is not a time to cower and be weak-kneed in the face of wealthy and powerful special interests that are using Gov. Walker as their vehicle to get what they want. 

What the outside special interests do not understand is what the badger, one of our state symbols,  is really like in the wild.  The badger is not intimidated, and does not turn and run. 

Neither do the people of Wisconsin!

It is time for all proud, educated, and concerned Wisconsinites to band together and work to remove Governor Scott Walker from the Statehouse.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we must.

For Wisconsin, and for our future, we will.

State Representative Brett Hulsey, My Type Of Democrat

I knew last fall when I threw my support to Brett Hulsey that it was being placed on the shoulders of someone who would step up and show spine when it came to the issues that matter to workers of  Wisconsin.  I strongly felt that Hulsey had demonstrated leadership which would make him an important part of the Wisconsin Legislature.  At that time however, I could never have predicted what was to happen at the Madison Capitol, or  how proud Hulsey would make me once he was elected.

This evening while watching local news I was pleased to see that Hulsey rose to the occasion…literally….to advocate for the truth when it comes to Governor Walker and the Republican desire to end collective bargaining for state and public employees. 

Following a press availability by Governor Walker, who again made his pitch just in time for the local newscasts as to why he wants to destroy collective bargaining,  Hulsey marched to the podium in front of the assembled reporters and gave some pointed remarks.

Hulsey called the governor a dictator, not a leader, and said this budget bill is about union busting, not about balancing the budget.   The budget numbers from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau underscore the words from this freshman Democrat.

“The budget despair bill that we have right now, according to our non-partisan fiscal bureau does not have to happen. We do not have a budget emergency in this state except the one that he is creating by creating union busting,” said Hulsey. 

It is important that the Republican lies created and retold about the state budget not be allowed to just linger.  They need to be stripped bare and cast out into the bright lights of media scrutiny.  That is exactly what Representative  Hulsey did tonight…..right in the Governor’s Office!

Over the decades I have thrown my support to scores of candidates, but I can say tonight that few have lived up to the ideal of what leadership means.  Taking the initiative and pounding home the truth, even in unorthodox ways, places Brett  Hulsey head and shoulders above what passes too often for Democratic leadership.

We can only hope that what Brett Hulsey has unleashed in Madison will be emulated by others, and even make its way to Washington.

We need more Democrats to stand up and pound home the truth!

Thank you Representative Husley!

Union Protest Signs High Gloss, High Fun For Kids

There is always something new to see when thousands and thousands gather to protest Governor Walker’s union busting bill at the Wisconsin State Capitol.  Today with fresh sleet on a thin blanket of snow kids soon discovered that some of the glossy signs made for the union rally had a dual use.

While their parents were raising their voices to save collective bargaining, kids were lowering their butts on a sign and sliding down an incline on the capital lawn.   I could see from a face here and there that some mom and dads wanted to join the fun……but what would the neighbors think?

Oh, well…..at least the kids had fun!



Pictures Of Picket Signs At Madison Capitol During Union Rally

Perhaps the most amusing picket sign on Saturday was the one that a rather determined middle-aged women carried with a lot of pride.  She marched towards me holding it high.  It read, “Lets Clone Scott Walker”.  I politely laughed as she passed, and then turned heel and caught up with her in about 5 steps. 

“Ma’am,” I said, “you do realize that your governor is not friendly to science that would allow research into stem cells or cloning of any kind?”

Her blond hair bobbed as she lifted her head a little higher in a dismissive nod, and without word marched on.  As I write this tonight I am still wondering how she missed the irony when she was making her sign prior to the rally.

And so it was on Saturday as the 70,000 who assembled under sunny skies on the Capitol Square marched and chanted their slogans regarding Governor Walker’s union busting bill.

As with days past it was the signs, and the creative way that citizens gave voice to their points of view on placards that made for smiles, laughs, and double-takes.  Here then is a sample.

My favorite today was this one….

Many of the signs hit on education….and the fact that Governor Walker only has a high school diploma.   Like it or not this is a topic that comes up over and over in conversations….and one that resonates among voters.  People want leaders to be smarter than they are.

“In one year I will me more educated than Scott Walker” was proudly carried by a young man in the crowd.


Among the cute sign holders today were these two……

What Governor Walker Is Not Telling Us About Union Busting Bill

There is no need to tell my readers that the union busting bill is moving at lightening speed through the Wisconsin State Legislature.  By all accounts, and to no ones surprise, the Republicans have the votes to alter the labor landscape of the state, and drive a wedge into every community from the Mississippi River to the Lake Michigan.

But along the way Governor Walker has forgotten to mention that in spite of the $137 million budget gap for the rest of this budget year, he has added tons of red ink to the problem.  In fact, the Republicans in the legislature passed over $140 million of favors, perks, and tax credits for corporations and businesses. They did so in the special session bills that were taken up last month.

And the state and public employees are supposed to pick up part of the tab.

A large part of the remainder of the debt will be refinanced, an old budget trick.