Walking In The Madison Blizzard

As soon as the late local weather on television was over I was gearing up for the adventure I had planned all day.  Dragging James into my plans, and having him smile through it all, let me know that I must be important to him.  Who else would have willingly joined me for a walk in the blizzard that was bearing down on Wisconsin?  That he enjoyed it too was nice to see.

This was not the first wild storm that I needed to feel hit my face and chill my body.  It will not be the last.

I can honestly say that I do not ever recall the visibility being so reduced by a storm as the one that struck Madison tonight.  James said that at times there was no more than a couple hundred feet visibility down the streets we walked.  And this was on the Madison isthmus! 

One can only image what it must be like in the rural areas tonight.  It all reminds me of why those stories from history that I love so well about ropes being strung from a barn to a house so not to get lost in the weather was no joke.

There is a majesty to the quiet in the city when no one dare venture out in a car.  When no one is out and being loud.  The quiet of the snow seems somehow more intense when it is dark outside.  The winds that howled and burst with energy around cars and houses and up the alleys created by close proximity of  buildings made for what amounted to a thrill ride taken on foot.   My breath could be taken away by the cold sharp burst of the unseen gust, and the coating of snow that came with it seeped even down the inside of my coat.  Who cared?  Onwards!

Walking along tonight I noted that one house with children was silent and dark.  It was as if they did not know the city was closed down on Wednesday and kids should be allowed to be up.  I think the kids should have been able to be out for a while in the midst of the magic that comes in such a power-packed way.  And especially since the ferocity of such a storm as this one is seldom seen.

Maybe that is the difference between being a guy who grew up in the country versus being a child of the city.  Weather is one of the joys that is free to embrace and sense.  It is wild and unable to be tamed.  It shapes us, and makes us conform to it.  It proves what is powerful versus those who think they are powerful.  It makes us the size we really are in the scope of things.

Plainly put the blizzard was awesome!

At age 48 I have lost none of what made me smile when I was a small boy.   Walking with the sting of snow and wind at my face made me aware that the real joys of life are the ones that remain always with us.   

May I never see a snow storm that can not be walked in late at night.

Blizzard Warning For Madison, Dane County


Blizzard warning remains in effect from 3 pm this afternoon to noon cst Wednesday.  Moderate snow will develop late this afternoon and become heavy at times tonight. The snow will diminish during the morning hours on Wednesday.  

Snow accumulations, (on top of the 6 inches Madison received on Monday) will be 7 to 10 inches of new snow accumulation.

Northeast winds 20 to 30 mph with wind gusts to 40 mph for tonight.
Impacts, blizzard conditions with significant blowing and drifting snow. Visibilities down to a quarter mile or much less with 3 to 5 foot drifts.

A blizzard warning means severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Falling and blowing snow with strong winds and poor visibilities are likely. This will lead to whiteout conditions, making travel extremely dangerous

Major And Dangerous Winter Storm Aiming For Wisconsin

Welcome to Monday!  Tuesday…..and Wednesday!

This winter storm that is gathering intensity and forming to bear down on the midwest promises to close schools, snarl traffic, and delight kids of all ages.

For all the latest click here.

Blizzard Watch for:

Winter Storm Watch for:
Fond Du Lac

Pictures: The Gentle Side Of A Madison Snowfall

When Madison woke up there was a white carpet on the ground.  Not a huge amount of snow fell overnight, but enough to make one press closer to the window pane after getting out of bed in order to take it all in.  Fall may still be the official name for this season, but we all know who is in control of the weather.

Out and about today allowed for some interesting sights that would never have been possible without the snow.

The dried remains of plants had top hats.

What may have seemed ordinary without the snow seemed to POP into attention with the new white layer.

First steps in the snow made way for the first sit in the snow.

As the sun came out there was just enough melting to make the first icicles of the season start to form.

As the day came to a close one could feel with certainty that snow was about to help the night temperatures fall.