Ted Zigmunt For Wisconsin State Representative

I have an old fashioned respect for those men and women who get in the arena and fight for the future of our state and country through the political process.  It is not easy in today’s rhetorically driven political climate for a candidate to run, and hope to affect change if elected by the people.

It is tough enough to run a campaign when the primary process allows the candidates name to appear on the ballot.  It is quite another battle to run as a write-in candidate based on an inner drive, knowing the citizens need to have a choice on Election Day.  It is that latter type of candidate, with that type of conviction, that hits me in the heart and demands my attention.

Such is the patriotic undertaking of Ted Zigmunt.  He is running for the Wisconsin 2nd Assembly District as a Democrat.  He faces incumbent Republican Frank Lasee, who has stunned even his own Republican colleagues with embarrassing statements about arming teachers with guns in our public classrooms.  It was just after that incident that Zigmunt further understood that Lasee no longer reflected the values of the voters in the 2nd Assembly District. (Having worked for years in the State Legislature on behalf of voters from northeast Wisconsin I know the hearts and hopes of these citizens.)

Zigmunt is correct in stating the current Representative has lost touch with the basic values and wishes of his constituents.  The role of a legislator is to make the lives of the citizenry better, not to inflate your own self worth and name recognition by creating sensationalistic headlines.  Zigmunt has been a dutiful member of the Manitowoc County Board, and Village President of Francis Creek.  His resolve to put the wishes of his constituents ahead of all else is a credit to his leadership; his desire to develop public policy that is fair to all is just down right refreshing. 

While other politicians across the state pander to voters, Zigmunt is forthright and honest about his desire to see the state lead with stem cell research in order to alleviate pain and suffering from a whole host of dreadful diseases.  His plain spoken assessments about the need to have safe, rare, and legal abortions, along with his understanding that civil unions are a moral choice that government should not intrude on, proves to me he is a mature and reasoned thinker.  His desire to see local services consolidated to save property tax dollars puts him in the majority among those who wish to help the taxpayer.

Voters would be well served with Ted Zigmunt in the State Legislature.  I suspect in time neighboring districts will want one just like him!  By writing in the name of Ted Zigmunt in November there will be one person in Madison that hears the voice of the voters of the 2nd Assembly District.

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