Pope Gives Support For Millions Of Undocumented Immigrants Living In US. What Would Vicki McKenna Do?

I wonder if the same conservative folks who are upset when drivers license exams are printed in languages other than English, also are upset when the Pope recites the Lords Prayer in Spanish while he visits America? Do English only advocates get angry over such things?  Just wondering. 

That thought crossed my mind tonight as the words from the first full day of Pope Benedict XVI’s trip here were played around the world.  The Pope had led many to think that his trip here would raise the issue of undocumented workers when he visited with President Bush.  He was true to his word and hopefully will continue to address these themes in the days ahead.  The Pope’s political role in the world can be very important.

The German Pope said he would be raising the issue of immigration reform with President Bush and would urge him to push for granting legal status to the illegal immigrants living in the US.

For Carlos Aquino, who heads the Shrine of the Sacred Heart’s Youth Ministries, the Pope’s words were comforting.

“I think his statement was very clear,” said Mr Aquino.

“His comments demonstrate once again that the Church is with the poor, with the immigrants and those who are in need – as well as those 12 million people who are here looking for status or an opportunity.

“I think the Pope is there for them.”

Latinos are likely to make up a large part of the 40,000-strong crowd expected to attend the Pope’s first open air Mass in the US here in Washington, and they will figure heavily when he moves on to New York this weekend.  Would Madison conservative talk radio host Vicki McKenna advocate that the feds target undocumented workers at the open air mass for deportation?

Just wondering.

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6 thoughts on “Pope Gives Support For Millions Of Undocumented Immigrants Living In US. What Would Vicki McKenna Do?

  1. Keith Schmitz

    Vickie and her radio sheep are the real ala carte Catholics. In fact, based on the latest pronouncements from the Vatican, liberals make better Catholics than conservatives. Fred, Charlie and the rest of the hypoChristians appear to be the real lapsed Catholics.

  2. We do need immigration reform, we do need to deal with the 12,000,000 criminals who are now here. We need to deal with the stopping the flow of these criminals into the states.

    Start hitting the employers with huge fines, stop the anchor baby program, that would be good starts.

    As for the 12,000,000 here as long as they are working, or in school lets work with getting them status as citizens. If they have any type of criminal record, are nor productive in any shape or form, we need to look at returning them to country of origin.

  3. It’s interesting how the above commenter goes from calling all of the undocumented immigrants currently in the country “criminals”, but then backs off and allows that some of them are just here to work and learn, and should be given the opportunity to legitimize their efforts.

    Which is it?

  4. Well I might add that notalib is a conservative Catholic and is probally trying to walk a tightrope here between the Pope and his feelings about the undocumented workers. I am sure he does not want to be a cafeteria Catholic….smile

  5. Ok first they are not undocumented workers, they are law breaking illegals. Secondly yes I am Catholic and yes I disagree with the Chruch’s stand to protect them. With that said they are here we are not going to send 12,000,000 back to wherever so we need to deal with that issue now, and then bring the troops hoe from Iraq get the on our southern border and put a end to the flow into this country.

    Finally we need to change the immigration laws so that it is not so expensive from them to come here and become citizens.

  6. Wow…NOW we have notalib on record as wanting to bring the troops home AND allowing the 12 million undocumented workers the right to stay.

    Seems the more he reads my blog the more he resembles the ‘cut and run’ crowd……can promoting gay marriage be far behind….(smile)

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