Shame On Iran For Expelling BBC Reporter

Reuters/Tehran: “Iran has decided to expel the BBC’s correspondent in Tehran over the broadcaster’s coverage of this month’s election, an Iranian official said on Sunday, and a semi-official news agency said Jon Leyne had 24 hours to leave.

Without the reporters, cameras, and the eyes of history noting the events that transpire it only encourages rouge leaders and nations to try and act with impunity.  It is vital that those on Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites stay active, and continuously convey the carnage and mayhem from the streets of Iran.

What is happening in Iran is very dismaying to witness.  The spirit yearns to be free of the bonds of the regime that has stolen an election.  The only way the elements who want to control Iran can win is if they completely break the ties of information flowing out to the rest of the world.

We must not let that happen.  The United States needs to do all that is required with satellite technology to see that the news from Iran is not allowed to be blocked, or under-reported.

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