Corn Combines Running In Illinois, Weather Pushes Everything Ahead

This morning before 5 A.M. on WGN radio, Orion Samuelson, the farm announcer made a startling comment.  The corn combines are already in the fields in parts of Illinois and Indiana.  According to Samuelson the corn stalks in some places are already dry and the corn dented to the point where the combines can roll.

August is not even over yet, and already 13% of Illinois’ corn crop is ready to go. That’s up from the normal pace of 5% mature by this week. 

So……..(care to guess where I am heading?)

Everything in the gardens this year have been way ahead of schedule.   We were eating fresh corn on the cob July 2nd!  Throw out the notion of knee-high sweet corn by July4th.  This past week I noticed that the maple trees in some places around Madison are dropping a fair amount of red leaves.  Our bloom-again bearded irises that should amaze walkers in late September started two weeks ago with their second showing.  I have nothing more to bloom here this season, except for the mums……oh, yeah they are in full color too!    What does one do for a fall show this year?

So…..dare I ask what this means for fall and winter………and the first snow flakes of the year?

But there is NO global warming, folks.  That is all just a big liberal lie.  Trust me on that, as I heard it on FAUX News.

Now someone needs to tell the plants in my yard.

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