START Treaty Being Held Hostage By Republican Politics

The bickering by Republicans over the START treaty is ridiculous.

Russia is a major player on a wide range of issues where we need to have their support. To think that passing START is only about this treaty is wrong. While the treaty, in and of itself is very important, there are also a lot of other issues that need to be considered when considering START.

From Iran, North Korea, even to computer hacking it is obvious why we need to have better relations with Russia. We need them for votes in the United Nations, and support for policy options.  It is common sense to know why we need better relations with Russia.

START itself is needed in that it builds on the past treaty by providing a 30% reduction in each country’s arsenal. The new limit is a maximum of 1,550 warheads. New inspection modifications are also made that provide accountability. That even the top U.S. military brass has stated there is nothing of substance to the GOP snorting on this treaty makes it clear the problem with some Republicans is they want to bang the President some more.

That is not good for our political system. It is not good for the world.  All sides should agree that a weakened president does no one any good.

Foreign press at times, over a number of years,  have wondered what is wrong in this country. The large problems are not addressed due to gridlock in Washington.  Lots of shouting and stating positions, but there seems to be a growing inability to get the needed work completed by government. 

 Now a truly reasonable treaty is being held hostage for political purposes.  Folks around the globe are noticing.

It is important to let the world know we can still play on the big stage with others, and make compromises.  It is vital that the world see we can work to settle affairs and not only ruffle them. That this treaty is smart, good for all concerned, and still not able to get votes from enough Republicans speaks to the concerns that too many are having about America slipping downwards.

There are many times that voters around America say that Washington is broke as it can not fix the budget woes, or pass meaningful reforms on this or that issue. That same sentiment is also stated around the world when they see antics like the ones being played out over START.

I want this treaty passed for the merits it contains within its pages. I also want it passed for the larger message it sends.

Some of my readers might recall that the senate passed the original START treaty 93-6.

Ah….the good ole days.

One thought on “START Treaty Being Held Hostage By Republican Politics

  1. Well, I have no additional arguments. It is not obvious to me at all. When was the last time Russia got a nod from the world press as to its importance? Nice but not necessary in my view.

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