Marie Osmond Likes To Reuse Her Men

The world needs some lighter news.

No less crazy perhaps, but lighter.

With that I offer the dysfunctional family (or is that being redundant) of Marie Osmond.  At least with Marie Osmond, and her situation, we do not have the problem of her not understanding the need for gay marriage.  She has a lesbian daughter, and has stated she is for civil rights for everyone.  After this story she better be……..

Marie Osmond just married her first husband—again.

Osmond, who married Stephen Craig 30 years ago—and then divorced him three years later—re-tied the knot with him in Las Vegas today.

Osmond and Craig have one son, Stephen, now 28, from their original union. After their divorce, Osmond went on to have seven children with her second husband, Brian Blosil, whom she divorced in 2007.

The concept of re-marrying an ex-spouse is a perplexing blend of hope and stupidity. Is this a case of the ultimate triumph of a relationship’s progress—that after a split, a couple can once again fall for their ex’s good qualities, rekindle the spark that drew them together, and yet have successfully worked through the problems that, previously, drove them to divorce court?

Or is this the ultimate duh! and the same problematic dynamic that forced a couple to split the first time around is sure to still be in play to wedge them apart once more? Is remarrying one’s ex the triumph of hope and maturity—or the inability to learn a lesson the first time?

In the celebrity world, at least, it seems to be the latter. Remarrying an ex tends to lead to the same event the first marriage led to: divorce. Second time is not the charm.

3 thoughts on “Marie Osmond Likes To Reuse Her Men

  1. Marie Osmond married Steven Craig in a Mormon Temple the first time as an “Eternal Marriage”. Sounds like Marie is trying keep up with being a good Mormon.

    Second Marriage record in Hollywood:

    Liz Taylor – Richard Burton – FAIL
    Don Johnson – Melanie Griffith – FAIL

    Give it a year or so and we can dump this one on the Hollywood second marriage heap.

  2. Jenni

    This is certainly a biased article!! I think Marie marrying her first husband is absolutely wonderful! Oh wow, 2 whole hollywood remarriages didn’t last…gee, I wonder why?? Taylor and Burton, both self-centered alcoholics who thrived on public attention and then you have Johnson and Griffith….she cheated on him with Antonio Banderas, yeah, I think that is grounds for divorce! Anyway, Marie cannot be put into the same category. They found each other again, they grew, they matured. For whatever reason they divorced the first time makes no difference now. Blessings and happiness for them now and always. The angels in heaven rejoice when a marriage is reconciled!

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