What Happens To Gun Violence Victims With No Health Insurance?

James and I talk a lot about health insurance type issues as it is a topic that continually makes for headlines.  We have often remarked what happens to all those who are shot in gun violence and have no health insurance or could be involved with an act of terrorism and are not covered?  Who pays their bills?  What happens to their financial life, even if they survive the wounds?

Republicans never address these issues and yet they are front and center for concern for many in this nation.  Thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act there is a way to have health care.  But the GOP continues to work to undermine the only program that aims to make it possible for everyone to be covered.

While Republicans work to make it easier to have a gun on the one hand they work to remove health coverage so those shot and maimed have no way to pay their doctor bills.

Michael Mitchell, 24, was shot at Pride Auto Sales in Grandview, shortly after he arrived at work for the day. His sister, Tara Mitchell, said her brother thought the shooter had come to buy a car.

“His very first word whenever he opened his eyes was, ‘I’m alive,” Tara Mitchell said.

She said her brother hasn’t said much else since Friday.

“Michael can’t even spit out more than two or three words because he’s out of breath,” she said.

She said the bullet missed her brother’s heart and lungs by a fraction of an inch.

“He’s going to need round-the-clock care,” she said.

Because her brother was new to the job, he didn’t have health insurance.

“It’s going to be a long road, financially. A very long road,” she said. “Probably a longer road than the actual physical recovery.”


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