Scott Walker Waffles On Refugees Fleeing Syria

If Scott Walker was thinking about remaking his campaign and again connecting with voters in some manner that might indicate he is ready to lead the nation that all fell apart with one answer to a reporter’s question.

When the entire world is fixated on the tens or thousands of fleeing men, women, and children from Syria so to find a safer life somewhere else Walker is ducking the main question everyone else is dealing with in counties around the globe..

In a rather stunning remark to ABC News Walker claimed that he cannot take a position on whether the United State should accept some of the refugees from the war-torn region that we see and read about every day in the news.

I’m not president today and I can’t be president today,” the Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin governor said when asked by ABC News during a press gaggle on Monday what he would to address the current refugee crisis if he were president currently. “Everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals; there is no such thing as a hypothetical.”

Give me a break!

Every day that Walker campaigns for president he talks about a whole raft of things he would do that are all hypotheticals. From how on Day One he would end the Affordable Care Act which is absolutely impossible given how legislative machinery works, or how he would ramp up the war on ISIS when there is no groundswell of support among the electorate to conduct foreign policy in that fashion.

Again and again Walker will tout what he thinks his would-be voters in the early states want to hear. He has no problem doing that.

But when it comes to talking about one of the most gut-wrenching and dramatic news event this summer Walker chooses to remain quiet.

Being a leader means talking about issues that confront the nation and world even when it may unsettle some political calendar. If Walker cannot make the leap from candidate to hypothetical leader on this issue of humanity and speak with some candor about what our nation should do than he has no reason to continue in the race for the nomination.

5 thoughts on “Scott Walker Waffles On Refugees Fleeing Syria

  1. tom

    Calling the crisis “heartbreaking,” Clinton said that the issue was one that “the entire world now sees doesn’t just affect the Syrian people; it affects all of us. That’s what I’ve been saying for years.”

    Clinton also said she supported doing more to arm moderate Syrian rebels early on in their fight against Syrian President Bashar Assad, a position that President Barack Obama disagreed with. Asked whether Obama’s foreign policy caused the crisis, Clinton said that “the world’s policies” were responsible.

    “I advocated for — as I say — a more robust policy. But sitting here today, I can’t say that would have, on its own, made a difference, because this had to be an international effort,” she said.

    The above makes two points: the first is that she has the same reluctance to claim responsibility for her policy errors that any Republican does. The second is that she certainly doesn’t say: “we should take more refugees.” Of course, they don’t directly ask her that, because the question is designed to be asked to Republicans, not Democrats. It is also very hard to get Secretary Clinton to answer any questions.

    Finally, I wouldn’t be interested in accepting any Syrians into America. Certainly not the tens of thousands. Let the rich gulf states demonstrate their hospitality and solve their own problem. When the world complains about this, I would ask them how many refugees they host from the obviously failed states of central and south america.

  2. Lester

    You should have mentioned that Walker fails to take a lesson from how Jesus would handle this matter. Goes to show that Walker never heeds educational lessons–after all he is a minister’s son! He is not prepared for this adventure.

  3. With the start of the NFL season few people seem to be paying attention to anything else as America again consumes its favorite pastime FOOTBALL beer and brats! But even football fans will take a minute and stand up to the insanity in Europe and speak loud and speak proud we do not need more drain on the American system by taking in more unproductive people who will just leech off the American taxpayer. Opps second half is about to begin gotta run see you in Feb.

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