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Why The Republicans Will Not Win White House In 2016

October 20, 2015

Going small and mean is not the way to the White House.  For anyone.

What we have witnessed from the Republican candidates who are the leaders in the polls is name-calling, fear-mongering,  and plain stupidity.    That will not win the White House.  The other spineless candidates that can not rip open the wet paper bag in the election shows that they too are not the stuff that makes for history books.

With that in mind today I read a column that was aimed at how Ben Carson loves his Nazi rhetoric.  Talk about an asshat!

But as Peter Wehner notes what is lacking for the GOP candidates is the meat and potatoes themes for election victory.  No one in the party seems interested enough in actually winning to stand up and demand the others shut the hell up.  Of course now so much damage has been done to the GOP brand over the past months that there is enough material for several election cycles.

For the Republican Party to overcome this will require its presidential candidates to inspire voters to believe in the large purposes of politics. But it will also require Republican voters to lift their sights and raise their expectations about the goals of politics, which are to improve the lives of our fellow citizens in concrete ways; to advance, even imperfectly, liberty, opportunity and a more decent and just society.

Self-government requires more of people than pounding sand. There is vital work that needs to be done, including addressing sluggish economic growth, a widening opportunity gap and an unsustainable entitlement system. Because these things are hard doesn’t mean we can give up, and we certainly don’t need conspiracy-minded amateurs

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  1. October 21, 2015 12:13 PM

    I think you are going to be disappointed in 2016. The democrats are offering nothing new and just have given us retreads, people are tired of the Clintons and Bushes. I do fear that Trump may actually pull off an upset, he is talking the way many people in America feel, tired of the illegal invasion, tired of allowing America to be walked on by 3rd world dictators tired of America going down a path of self destruction. DO I think Trump will make a good president, not for one minute, but there are too many people he is connecting with and that base is going to be the deciders in the 2016 election. Most American voters are tired of professional politicians who only work for themselves and special interest and have no connection with middle class America.

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