Reason To Truly Smile About Election Showed Up On Our Front Stoop

This afternoon our doorbell rang and two people greeted us on the stoop.   They were canvassing for the upcoming election.  Both were excited and engaged and so desirous to vote themselves.  Each became a citizen this year and this will be their first election to cast a ballot.
The look on their faces, the ideas they wanted to share with us about why their candidate was most capable, and the gratitude they expressed about being a part of this grand process was a tonic for the soul.
We all have read and seen much that has left us unsettled about this cycle.   But like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child it was a joy to see election hopes on the faces of new citizens.
It made my day.   Reconfirmed everything I have always felt about this nation.

One thought on “Reason To Truly Smile About Election Showed Up On Our Front Stoop

  1. You made me smile, too. I have more hope for some of these folks than the legions of lucky (and ignorant, and ungrateful) b*stards who have lived here all their lives.

    Hey, thanks for the book plug, Gregory! I continue to enjoy “Walking Up The Ramp.” I will return the favor on my blog, but will warn you–nobody reads my blog!

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