Donald Trump Proves He Is Not In Control Of Transition, And That Taxpayers Will Be On The Hook

There is no doubt that Donald Trump did not expect to win and clearly had not set up any credible operation for a transition.  What is happening now it a farce.  Comical if not loaded with such troubling consequences for the country.

It’s been eight days since Trump was elected.   We have seen a huge bad scene play out as a purge was made in the transition team to get rid of any allies to Chris Christie, who himself was ousted as chairman.  That must really sting for someone who was sent on food errands during the campaign…..

Mike Pence has now taken over as chairman of the transition and is doing another round of purging, but get this, now it is lobbyists.  Also the name of former intelligence panel head Mike Rogers was eliminated.

This is astounding to see it play out as it underscores what so many (myself included) have said about the total lack of readiness or preparedness that Trump had for the job.    Recall that Trump’s position on lobbyists was clear from the beginning.  He did not like them.  Fine.

But when he went on “60 Minutes” Sunday and basically conceded their inclusion in the transition effort was necessary.  So that seemed clear as mud.

But now Mike Pence is essentially reversing Trump’s position.  All in a matter of days.

People who voted for Trump didn’t think things through (no surprise there). And now Trump says he doesn’t want to stay in DC but remain in his NYC penthouse. That’s going to be a security nightmare.

And guess what Trump voter/supporters? You will be picking up the tab for this.

If Trump’s going to spend the majority of his time in NYC, that tells me that he has no intention of giving up any of his ownership of his businesses. The man doesn’t pay taxes and brags about it. And now he will be living off the tax payer’s dime.

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