What Happens When Choas Replaces Responsible Governing?

It seems like a record with a skip as our nation confronts, again and again, the results of chaos and bombast replacing reasonable and logical governing.  Last evening on the news another such example was made known as a result of Donald Trump’s erratic behavior.

As senior security officials tried to get a meeting with Trump to convince him to release the hold on military aid for Ukraine, the administration’s attention was on……hmmm–what could it be….must have been important…weighty…….powerfully vital to the needs of the nation……right?

It was revealed yesterday that the meeting over Ukraine was difficult to arrange partly because the president’s national security advisors and cabinet officials were busy dealing with his desire to buy Greenland.

Bill Taylor was asked about his remark that secretaries of defense and state, the CIA director and the national security advisor sought a joint meeting with President Trump to change his mind on withholding military aid from Ukraine, but such a meeting was “hard to schedule.”

Trump wanted to buy the world’s largest island and it had created an international embarrassment that the White House and diplomatic members had to unwind.  Readers know that the Danish government adamantly rejected the idea while the world was laughing and mocking the United States.  And rightly so.

I fully understand Trump supporters consider this is all fun and games.  Acting without regard to common sense or a lick of education is just how life is lived. But in the world where international relations matter and the actions of the United States are of prime importance, the lack of a timely meeting concerning Ukraine due to bombast about Greenland is a most shocking revelation.