Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Time Person Of Year, Democracy Wins Again

I am so very pleased to learn this news tonight. TIME magazine released the Person of the Year edition, and it was not only the best decision that could be made for the cover but without argument the only decision for the person of the year.

In February 2022, I predicted that this would be the ultimate outcome this year. Every year since I was, much younger, I have made a prediction for the cover of this magazine as the year closes out. The world may not be united on many things given the array of conflicts and issues which divide and splinter nations and peoples. Still, the newsworthy and importance of this man, and the shaping of world events he impacted, means there is worldwide agreement tonight. Zelensky is the man parents everywhere wish their child to emulate for values, resolve, and character.

I wrote last winter the following, and it still very much applies tonight.

Democracy matters. It must be fought for. It can never be taken for granted.

When so many from Madison’s legislature to Moscow, from Trump Tower to Beijing either dismiss democracy or work feverishly to undermine it comes a refreshing– and, oh, so needed reminder–as to why we must never be lackadaisical about its continuance.

With steadfast resolve, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is leading not only his nation but being a teacher to the world.

And the world is watching.

There is no way not to feel his commitment to justice and sincere regard for democracy. There is no way not to fully grasp his correct desire for a heightened international repudiation of Russian thuggery.

When this year ends it will be near impossible to consider anyone more elevated and deserving to be Person of the Year than Volodymyr Zelenskyy. May God keep him and his family safe.

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Time Person Of Year, Democracy Wins Again

  1. Brett Benson

    Do you ubderstand that Zelensky is trying to ban Christian churches that do not go toe-to-toe with the party line? He has raided convents using armed soldiers that he has had monks arrested??
    But, please let’s send another $75 billion over!!! Amazon can do overnight delivery..

    1. Thank you for your comment. Some facts here for our readers. Let us note that the nation’s security agencies in the time of war after Russia invaded a sovereign nation, found at sites belonging to Ukraine’s historic Orthodox church rubles, Russian passports, and leaflets with messages from the Moscow patriarch. These were not and can not be listed under any nonsense such as just being innocuous items. My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. The period of his life in our history is a favorite of mine from which to learn. He had to take drastic actions in the Civil War that ran afoul of constitutional rights, and in war, such actions at times are warranted. In Ukraine, families and civilian areas are being targeted by drone strikes, and all who assist Moscow must be brought to their knees until victory is secured. Some of those who must kneel might be a person in a vestment. If a church is playing politics with their masters in Moscow as Ukrainians die they must be dealt with harshly. I know my history of Russia and well recall my studies showing the power and might and muscle that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church wields, and how they have great PR ability. Let us never forget this institution has and remains connected to Moscow through its centuries-old ties. And let us not forget this is the 10th-month children are dying in Ukraine from Russian thugs. As to the international community continuig to stand with Ukraine, and fund it there is no doubt where the leaders across the globe are on this issue. WE STAND WITH UKRAINE.

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