Pictures Of The Madness In Pakistan As Benazir Bhutto Assassinated


Benazir Bhutto got into a car to leave, waving to supporters moments before being attacked.

Benazir Bhutto was one of those gutsy ones on the world stage that gave hope to the notion that things might be changed by getting involved in politics.  Her tragic assassination today in Pakistan removes one of the dreamers in the world.  And it makes me sad.  These are some pictures from the BBC of today’s news.

James and I watch BBC News where international stories get the coverage they deserve.  It was recently on one of their broadcasts that we remarked over the bravery Bhutto exhibited over her return to Pakistan to run in the nations general election.   All polls showed that she was the likely winner when the balloting was to start on January 8, 2008.  In fact only last week she had stated that the only way she could lose was if vote-rigging took place. 

So the action today of those who wish to destroy the best chances to make progress in Pakistan may claim success.  While they succeeded in silencing Bhutto, the idealism and class that she brought to the world stage will inspire and remind all that much work needs to be done in Pakistan.

While I have grave problems with Pervez Musharraf, I also find the other main contender for election, Nawaz Sharif, short sighted and ill-suited for the role of moving Pakistan in a careful direction given the internal chaos there, and the international complexities that surrounds the country.  Benazir Bhutto was the one most suited for the job of uniting her people and the world community at this juncture.  She was the best one in Pakistan to bridge the divides and calm the nation.

Now instead there will be anger and riots in Pakistan, followed by long term uncertainty. 

And much sadness around the globe.

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5 thoughts on “Pictures Of The Madness In Pakistan As Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

  1. Marion

    Gosh, i realize we are behind in all late breaking news but this was not mentioned in any Maine news or paper today. Not even on computer news. It’s truly sad as she had a real sense of democracy.

  2. It Bush’s fault! He created the terrorists!

    It’s truly sad as she had a real sense of democracy.

    Another victim of drive-by media propaganda. It amazes me how dumb people are…

  3. Aaron

    Brent is so wrong.

    This incident not only marks a tragedy but an end to a great political dynasty and democracy in Pakistan. Ms. Bhutto brought hope to the country in terms of stability and justice, but now I don’t think the nation has anyone to look up to.

  4. saeed

    Bhutto was neither the saviour nor the destroyer of democracy in Pakistan. Her previous stint as leader of the country was marked by corruption scandals and a general lack of effectiveness in governing the nation.

    While her death is certainly a tragedy, and it bodes ill for the upcoming elections, if they do have them, the reality is that elections on their own will do little to change the situation of the country. There needs to be a popular uprising against the extremists from all sides. Right now, there is too much political infighting and divisiveness between the various political parties and this is giving a space for extremists to grab hold.

    The biggest benefit of her death can be a realization from the general populace that enough is enough and that the best leader for the country is one who can figure out how to deal with the extremism that is tearing the country apart.

  5. Khurram Malik

    Pakistan suffer one of the most darkest day of life. Benazir Bhutto wasn’t only leader of Pakistan. She sacrifice her life for people of Pakistan. One lady who will remember forever for her effort to make Pakistan one of the best nation. Gov of Pakistan has fail to protect people rights. Musafar need to step down and let the democracy take over. Entire world is shocked with this breaking news and its something we cant believe. Live long Pakistan.

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