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Map of Israel And Gaza Fighting

January 3, 2009

This is how the map looks.  Click link for larger view, and daily journal of events.  The link is very informative.


  1. January 31, 2009 5:45 AM

    Obviusly Derryck from new york you are a Hamas tererest loving muslum and you hate the jews. We all know the united states and all the other countries around palestine know that hammas is an inbarisment to them and a puppet to Iran.. No Cuntrys want to negoiate or even hear Hamas other then other terrer nations like Iran.We all know that Hamas is a pupet for Iran and that Iran are pulling all the strings, and they do it without careing about what will happen to the people. I belive Iran will be the next invaded counry and guess waht nobody is going to care then except maybe hamas if they are still around. Hamas are a big joke and cawards! As soon as Israel went in to stop the rocket attacks Hamas went into hideing. some dressed as civillians and hidinig within the civillan population
    like hiding behind the womans skirts is the why I saw it, indangering every man woman and child. Hamas sould be arrested for cousing so much death to their own people but they dont care about the people all they care is about hate for your naghber. The palestins are are so stuped and brainwashed by Hamas and the hate they have been taught by them and people like yorself that this is the finale conclusion death, pain and suffering to all of them. Now they want to pay the people a couple of bucks to hear their jabber jabber and say that they actually deffeted Israel? LOOK at all the disturction, death and sickness around you douse it look like you won!
    What a Jocke Hamas is. Their was peace before Hamas took over by force and now all that their is going to be is pain suffering and death for them and the pepole that back them, that I am shor of.

  2. January 11, 2009 4:41 PM


    I do not condone terrorism of any kind:

    Nor do I condone aggression of any kind either:

    Firstly, Israel has occupied Palestinian lands Illegally for decades now.

    Israel has total control of all Palestinian movements within and without Gaza and the West Bank territories.

    Israel has total control of the electricity, water supplies, garbage disposal, essential food supplies and services throughout Palestine also.

    Israel has violated the UN Demarcation Territorial Boundaries agreement, with a WALL that has enclosed illegally more Palestinian lands.

    And Israel does not intend to allow Palestine to gain sovereignty, by virtue of their ability to control all the above needs and services of the Palestinian people.

    So they continue to operate politically, playing the FATAH administration with so-called Peace agreements. While they continue to violate all of those so-called agreements, with the usual excuses that HAMAS and other terror groups within that region, does not want peace, with Israel Sovereignty, or Israeli existence.


    * How can you expect any people living under SEIGE to voluntarily acquiesce to their captors or overlords demands?

    * How can you expect any people, who are denied their basic freedom of movement within their own living space or territories, to voluntary allow themselves to follow and abide with their continuous incarceration and oppression, without resentment?

    * And how can you expect a people without a Sovereign State to call their own, not to agitate for that status?

    These are all human values, needs, and aspirations, that the so-called western hemisphere is denying Palestinians currently.

    As For The Arab Neighbors:

    These neighboring Arab states are all of the SUNNI Moslem Sect. And Palestinians are SHIA in majority. And this conflicts with their preferred Sunni preference.

    That is why those Arab neighbors or SUNNI Moslems would not get physically involved in this conflict. But prefer to sit on the sidelines and just TALK, concoct Peace agreements, and behave as though they care for the Palestinians.

    But they are not fooling the Palestinians at all. They are merely behaving like the Stooges that they are for the US, and her Oil Producing Allies in that region.

    This is all about Religious and Ethnic preferences, vs the so-called OUTCASTS in the region!


  3. DALIYA ROBSON permalink
    January 3, 2009 10:54 PM

    help us with life and no death*
    As an Jew and Israeli and Human being I deplore all killing and all wars. However its me or them. What would you do if a knife was pointed at you. I would pull out a bigger sharper knife and cry as I stab you in self defense.The terrorist thrives on death and killing and the sooner they get to the virgins the better. The Israeli soldiers now doing the shooting will have mental and emotional and moral and physical problems for life. This and all other wars is not part of their being. A Jew believes in life but will fight to defend and a terrorist welcomes death and glorifies his own death and those of others. The more dead children the stronger the cause. Gods of all tribes if you exist at all – help us with this insanity. We all create God in our own image so please may the destructive God of the jihad meet up with the Gods of peace and sanity .
    lehaiim a Jewsih greeting is to life -a glorification of life. This is meant for Jews as well. We did not die off for 5000 years so we won’t die now.

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