South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Found

UPDATE….He Was Found Here!

This is one of the more bizarre political stories that has come over the wires in months. 

Prediction from CaffeinatedPolitics…..Mark Sanford’s White House dreams are over.  This is not normal behavior for a public official with real responsibilities.  Nor has this been the first time for such activity by this strange man.

When Governor Mark Sanford walks out of the woods tomorrow, he’s sure for a big surprise.

The governor of South Carolina went hiking on the Appalachian Trail last Thursday to clear his head after a tough legislative session, according to his aides. Nothing odd in that – politicians need time off as much as anyone. Trouble is, when Sanford left he didn’t tell his aides where he was going. He didn’t tell the state’s lieutenant governor either. Or his wife.

His disappearance sparked speculation about his whereabouts, although Fox News reported he did call to check in two days into the trip. Tomorrow he is due to emerge from the trail and return to work and he will doubtless face many questions. For a possible presidential candidate in 2012, the distraction could prove awkward.

And it won’t help that the father of four sons was away from home on Father’s Day.

One thought on “South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Found

  1. This story made me think of the scandal surrounding evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson’s disappearance in the early 20th century. It turned out that Aimee had run off with a lover for a little vacation from the revival circuit. I suspect that Sanford was enjoying a romantic get-away with a mistress, nowhere near the Appalachian Trail.

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