Teabagger Humor






2 thoughts on “Teabagger Humor

  1. Ben Redpath

    I’ve heard that the teabaggers suspect infiltration by by the left. It will be easy to tell if there are spys because their signs will be spelled correctly.


    Survey Shows That Among Whites, Tea Party Supporters More Willing than Others to Curtail Civil Liberties
    Released: 4/27/2010 2:40 PM EDT
    Source: University of Washington

    Newswise — A new University of Washington survey shows that whites who are strong supporters of the tea party are apparently less committed to freedom and equality than those who oppose or are unenthusiastic about the movement.

    Rest of the article here –

    Not strictly teabagger but related because they’re just so damn dumb –

    The Texas Curriculum Massacre

    Texas Yanks Thomas Jefferson From Teaching Standard

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