Pictures: Lunch Time Not Often Seen On Madison Isthmus

I just happened to be outside when I heard the ruckus.  Just a few yards away our neighborhood cooper hawk had swooped into a bird feeder, clanking it loudly as it grabbed lunch.    I must admit I love this large bird of prey, and feel that I am its official photographer for the number of times I have followed it around this area over the past months while snapping pictures.  I always feel humbled to be near this amazing creature.  I sense that he knows I am not threatening.  The little birds that he has for lunch, however,  can not feel the same about him.

Today the hawk allowed me rather close access for a scene that was not as gory as I would have imaged.  A few feathers were removed and then lunch was consumed, bones and all, in a few large bites.  I was standing only a few feet away, and was quite captivated by the whole scene.

In the first picture you can see lunch underneath his feet.


I am walking closer and am amazed he did not fly away or move to a more private area for the actual consuming of the small bird.

For Christmas this year I think Santa is bringing an even sweeter lense for the camera.  I hope that this cooper hawk is ready for a true close-up in 2011!

4 thoughts on “Pictures: Lunch Time Not Often Seen On Madison Isthmus

  1. RailPro

    the camera company in madison is having big sales on camera equipment and accessories. convince a family member that you want a lot of money for christmas, so that you can purchase about $2000-$3000 of photography toys. git er done.

  2. Andy

    I was walking near the shoreline this week and saw a bald eagle land on a tree, not far from your home. Great pics by the way of the hawk!

  3. afrankangle

    Great pics! I too admire the large birds of prey, thus enjoy spotting them roosting this time of year. Still recall looking out the window years ago and spotting strange activity on the ground in the back .. then with binoc, I spot a red-tailed hawk ripping a robin for lunch … then going back there later to see not much of a mess. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  4. Wilson

    The hawk is probably looking at you as lunch wondering if he can air lift you to his nest. Tasty for many meals to come. Just how sweet are you for flavor. LOL
    Really love watching the birds. I have 3 sizes of woodpeckers that come to my feeder. The indoor cat loves to pop up in the window and give them a fright.
    Maybe this weekend I can get someone to put out my suet feeders and hang them in the tree.

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