Has Anyone Seen Scott Walker’s Birth Certificate?

Is it just me or has the Republican Party forgotten their own talking points?

During the national health care debate, despite many, many months of committee meetings, dialogue with constituents, and media scrutiny the Republicans said the process was moving too fast.

Slow it down, was the common refrain from those who thought health care ought to be a privilege rather than a right.

Now Wisconsin Republicans under the insane leadership of Governor Walker are working on a major union busting bill introduced only last Friday.  They want to have the bill pass out of both houses of the state legislature by this weekend.

What happened to the thoughtful, careful, analytical way of passing legislation that was so popular among conservatives just a year ago?  What happened to their rhetoric that was so ‘well-intentioned’ during the health care debate? 

Are we sure the Republicans have even read the bill?  

And while we are at it….

Has anyone really seen Scott Walker’s birth certificate?

5 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen Scott Walker’s Birth Certificate?

  1. Patrick

    I’ll concede that on the point that this legislation is rushed you have a good point. The problem is that the rush with health care set the precedent, just as the Star investigation set the precident for our recent political tone. Things are moving very fast, but Walker is not lying about the budget crisis Wisconsin is facing–nobody doubts that. I also believe that the alternative is massive layoffs. Would that be a good thing? Doyle delayed this crisis and made it worse before he abandoned Madison for a soft corporate poistion, and WEAC along with the public employee unions shielded the membership from the realities of the budget situation, but now is the time this all comes to a boil.

    Personally, this will hurt me financially–really hurt. But perhaps in the end it will lead to the professionalization of teaching–at last

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  3. Solly

    The RUSH with health care???? It took 18 months of accepting republican amendments, of capitulating. That was the Dems’ mistake. If you’re going to get the blame, pass a decent bill. Snow and Grassley had all kinds of amendments accepted, and still voted against the bills. Talk about historical revisionism

  4. Solly

    There is a budget deficit, but not for the balance of this year. This is a created crisis. When Chris Wallace on Fox news asked Gov. Dubya about why when the unions have agreed on the concessions, are you continuing with getting rid of collective bargaining? Answer: “bluster bluster blah blah blah”

    he didn’t answer. He wants yearly votes for union certification, how about yearly votes on him?

    How about a plan where state employes, who have endured a cut of 3% each of the last two years (no whining, we know what’s been going on) and have had 0% , 1% 0% raises in exchange for no increase in health insurance or pension for many of the past 30 years, a lot of which was negotiated during St. Tommy’s reign, contribute 1% this year, 2% next, etc. to pensions. Nope, it’s all of a sudden the republicans have discovered a reason why the budget is out of balance, it’s the small percentage of state operations, and a portion of that and a portion of that that goes to benefits for employes who have forgone raises in a negotiation. I hope the people who go to their jobs tomorrow (for the state employes it’s another unpaid day off) thank the other public employes like police, fire, EMT, and snowplow drivers while they’re sleeping in their warm homes tonite and the roads are cleared!

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