Pictures Of Thursday Union Protest At Wisconsin State Capitol, Tears Came To My Eyes

I spent several hours at the Wisconsin State Capitol today in solidarity with my fellow citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights.  It was again an emotional and uplifting experience.  Later on my blog I will have some reflections about this week.  For now some pictures that moved me, others that made me laugh, and to he honest some that brought tears to my eyes.  When I stood in the rotunda and saw the faces from across the state who are determined to make a difference, and were lifting their voices so all in the building could hear….it touched me.  This is what America is all about.  I detest what Governor Walker is doing, but I admire and deeply respect those I saw at the statehouse today, and all this week.


8 thoughts on “Pictures Of Thursday Union Protest At Wisconsin State Capitol, Tears Came To My Eyes

  1. rail_pro

    looks like woodstock (2011 edition). the city of madison must be making a nice revenue with all activities going on this week on the square.

  2. Ken

    I have had an incredibly long week working in the skilled nursing home industry where if we call in sick, people could die. If we call in sick for 3 days, we require a physician’s note that we have no communicable disease that could harm those we care for. I am unable to understand how not going to work is acceptable as a professional.

  3. Ferrell Gummitt

    Question, when the teachers are returned to the classroom are we going to see proper educating or are we going to see teachers mad about loss of benefits?? All this will show on the children. I hope when all the mess is straightened out they have the ability to remove any teacher performing below standards. That is probably what they fear the most — being held accountable.

  4. Ann Marie

    I am rather surprised to see the willful blindness of some of the comments on this blog and others recently. Ken’s comment is particularly interesting. I take care of a man in a skilled nursing home facility–trust me, with the quality of care given at many of those places, the residents wouldn’t notice much if the staff came in or not!

    What I think Ken is missing entirely is the point to the legislation. It isn’t about fixing the budget nor it is about getting everyone to share the burden. Walker could have gotten that by bargaining and taking a hard line on what he was willing to give and not give. What he has chosen to do instead is say to all the professionals who make the state function that their work isn’t valuable and that he will do whatever he wishes and they can just go to hell. He isn’t just trying to avoid having a hard discussion with the public secotr workers now, he is trying to make it so that they have no redress in the future either.

    These professionals that Ken can’t understand are taking days off so that they can continue to be treated fairly. If employers always worked towards treating employees well and respectfully, we would not have had 80+ years of labor law enacted. If Walker were trying to play fair he would not be telling people that they don’t have the right to ask for fair treatment and compensation. He really wants it both ways–he wants to be able to screw the little guy unabashedly and make it “illegal” for them to strike so that they can demand better treatment. The reason collective bargaining exists is to give people a way to ask that their needs be met without striking–telling them that they should give that up and still not be able to petition for better conditions is insane.

    Frankly, conservative or not, Ken and others of their ilk should be very ashamed of their comments on blogs like this. It is because of the 80+ years of labor law that even the way that they are treated in their workplaces is relatively fair. Without the advances gained by the few, we would be starting our careers in skilled nursing at the age of 14 and going hungry after a 60 hour-week.

  5. Patrick

    Here’s a fun game: Try to spot the African American person in all these pictures. Aside from the children brought in as props by their unprofessional teachers, I saw one. So in the end, we have a bunch of lazy white people having a party while the children they swear to care so much about go uneducated. They’ll all return and talk to their students about how “historical” it was to go to Madison with their friends, have a nice lunch, and pat each other on the back about impressive and serious they are. Meanwhile, those of us who did our jobs today and were “there” for our students will suffer because the selfish ones ruin our collective reputation.

    I’d like to know how much money Mary Bell and the other union bosses are making and where the bleep they were while Doyle ran up the deficit with his Dem buddies in the legislature. While it might go too far to suggest that WEAC has betrayed the teachers, it is certainly not a stretch to say they have–through their poor guidance and stewardship–let teachers down. I will not miss them. I am a Professional teacher and I will get through this.

  6. Ferrell Gummitt

    Where can I go to strike or protest? I want a pay increase! I want retirement benefits! I want to have paid sick days and paid vacations and to be able to go on strike!

    Someone asked me the other day why I homeschool. Rather than get into a huge drawn out explaination, I just said “If I were to send my children to public school, I know them well enough that they would get bored to tears and either plot an over-throw or blow up the school, get expelled, and I’d end up homeschooling anyway.”

  7. kim borgen

    Amazing,the power of people. Scott Walker never even talked to any Unions, stating he did not have time to wait to pass this bill. What a joke, if the unions would have accepted the incresae in their pensions and health insurance (which I believe would have happened) and kept their collective bargaining RIGHTS , this would have been resolved. But Scott Walker wants to eliminate unions,it has nothing to do with finances.

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