Brian Deschane Proves That GOP Promise Of Wiser Use Of Taxpayer Money Is Folly

Not for the first time does this blog point out that some very mediocre, perhaps even unqualified people, have landed in high paying positions with Governor Walker’s administration.  I have not been shy about my displeasure with those who have no college degree, such as Governor Walker, and his man at DOA, Mike  Huebsch.  Call me odd, but I want elected leaders who are smarter than I am.

On Sunday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel made it plain for even the most partisan Republican to understand when it printed a most amazing story about the type of person who can rise to the top in the Walker administration.

Something smells fishy in the Walker team. 

Just in his mid-20s, Brian Deschane has no college degree, very little management experience and two drunken-driving convictions.

Yet he has landed an $81,500-per-year job in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees at the Department of Commerce. Even though Walker says the state is broke and public employees are overpaid, Deschane already has earned a promotion and a 26% pay raise in just two months with the state.

How did Deschane score his plum assignment with the Walker team?

It’s all in the family.

His father is Jerry Deschane, executive vice president and longtime lobbyist for the Madison-based Wisconsin Builders Association, which bet big on Walker during last year’s governor’s race.

The group’s political action committee gave $29,000 to Walker and his running mate, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, last year, making it one of the top five PAC donors to the governor’s successful campaign.

Is this how government is supposed to work?

Now just for a minute let us assume that this is always how government operates.  That is, after all, the fall-back argument from those who are presented with stories of this kind.

But isn’t it the conservative Republicans who always tout a better government, more lean and more wary of over-spending on waste?  Is it not the GOP who promise to be better stewards of the taxpayer’s money?

So how then does this stuff happen under their watch?

4 thoughts on “Brian Deschane Proves That GOP Promise Of Wiser Use Of Taxpayer Money Is Folly

  1. David Taffet

    How does this happen under their watch??

    Cuz they’re lying sacks of duplicitous crap.

    (I can safely say ‘duplicitous’ because they don’t know what it means.)

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  3. Solly

    Silly wabbit, this is part of the new state slogan, “Wississippi is up for sale!” What do the tea baggers think of this, or Sen. Hopper’s concubine getting a huge raise in a patronage job? What do they think of Scott Jensen and Dave Prosser thinking that the state should pay state employes on state time?

  4. Lynn

    From an online article…

    But check out the two candidates Brian Deschane beat out to get the position as head of environmental and regulatory affairs in the state Department of Commerce:

    The first, Oscar Herrera, is a former state cabinet secretary under Republican Gov. Scott McCallum with a doctoral degree and eight years’ experience overseeing the cleanup of petroleum-contaminated sites.

    The second, Bernice Mattsson, is a professional engineer who served since 2003 in the post to which Deschane was appointed.

    By contrast, Deschane has no college degree, little management experience and a couple of drunken-driving convictions. His father represents a trade group that gave more than $121,000 to Walker and his running mate.”

    Pretty crazy stuff, Wisconsin.

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