What Does Governor Walker Have To Do For Million Dollars From Out-Of-State Donors?

Not for the first time do the campaign finance laws boggle the mind, or leave many of us pondering how we will ever get a cleaner way to run elections. We have all seen and heard about the volumes of cash that pours into the campaign coffers of elected officials.

But rarely does it get more smarmy or upsetting then to hear that four donors–let me repeat that–four donors–anted by 1 million dollars for a Wisconsin candidate–and the four donors were all from outside of the Badger State.

But that is exactly what Governor Scott Walker received from corporate fat cats who think they can buy their way into Wisconsin elections. The question must be asked as to what did Walker have to do, or promise for such a bundle of cash?

What Walker has done is an unseemly way to react to the million voters and taxpayers who live in Wisconsin and signed a petition allowing them to participate in democracy at the grassroots level.

At the end of the day I think one million votes will mean much more than one million dollars.

Giving $250,000 each were Bob Perry, owner of Houston-based Perry Homes and a chief backer of the Swift Boat Veterans ads against Democrat John Kerry in the 2004 race for president; David Humphreys, president of Missouri-based Tamko Roofing Products; Sarah Atkins, a quality consultant for the same company; and Stanley Herzog, chairman and CEO of Missouri-based Herzog.

Perry had given Walker $250,000 in an earlier donation, bringing his total donation to $500,000.

The latest round of giving helped Walker collect $4.5 million in just five weeks.

3 thoughts on “What Does Governor Walker Have To Do For Million Dollars From Out-Of-State Donors?

  1. walker does not care about wisconsin. he is always out panhandling for money. but i hope and pray that the good people of this once great state will show walker and his cash cows that their dirty money will not buy our vote. and that we the people have had enough of selling out this state on the backs of the working people, the elderly and the poor. one can only hope that the people that are for walker wake up sooner then later to what he is really doing to this state and how he is selling it out. many don’t feel it yet but they will and when they do it just might be to late.

  2. You do realize that Walker can solicit endless amounts of funds from willing and well wishing folks from all over the the nation. Nothing illegal about it.

    And seeing what happens in Wisconsin will send clear messages to 49 other state Governors about how any state can deal with their own individual state cash shortfalls . That’s what is important here.

    I’m all for the Governor. More power to him. And I feel the majority of the voters in Wisconsin support Walker again. What is the alternative? We’ll see later in the year.


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