Enthusiasm Key To Victory For President Obama In November

One of those must reads for the day.

 Whereas equal percentages of Democrats and Republicans [in 12 swing states]
were enthusiastic in June, Democrats are now significantly more enthusiastic
than Republicans, 73% vs. 64%. Independents’ enthusiasm [is] up 18 points” to
43%. Nationally, Dem enthusiasm is 68% and R is 62%.

The rise in Democratic enthusiasm among swing-state voters is notable from the perspective that the party’s supporters are more energized after that party’s convention than before it, and that Democratic enthusiasm for voting now exceeds that of Republicans.

This may simply signal that Democrats are just now getting engaged in the 2012 campaign after a year when much of the focus had been on the Republicans’ extended search for a presidential nominee. The Democratic convention was arguably the first major campaign event of particular interest to Democrats, whereas Republicans had a series of candidate debates and state primaries and caucuses to focus on, stretching more than six months.

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