Milwaukee Journal Cuts To The Core Over Mary Burke Trek Issue

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cuts to the core in a piece state voters need to read.

You were not alone if thinking about the drunk driving charge against George Bush that popped up in the last days of the 200o presidential campaign.  Rough and tumble politics often delivers unexpected events and misleading stories of the kind that Mary Burke now finds making state headlines.    But there also needs to be a place for facts and therefore I was pleased to see the Milwaukee paper that is read from one end of Wisconsin to the other making an attempt to level the playing field for voters who are questioning what they are hearing.

The entire article should be read and pondered, but I offer a short segment below.

My last thought on this matter is rather straightforward.  If those who make the claims were so interested in having this ‘news’ resonate with the voters why did they wait until the last days of the campaign to come forward?  Therein lies the answer for the voters who wish to know the truth.

Mary Burke has made her business acumen a central selling point of her campaign for governor — she brags about growing Trek Bicycle Corp.’s European sales from $3 million to $50 million while she ran those operations during the early 1990s — so it’s hardly a surprise that conservatives fighting to keep Gov. Scott Walker on the job have challenged her claims.

But as of today, we know no more about Burke’s time at Trek than we did earlier this week.

What we do know is that two reports, one in a conservative publication, the other in the Journal Sentinel, have given voice to critics of Burke’s time with Trek — criticism larded with hearsay, innuendo and sexist overtones.

No voter should base his or her decision on 20-year-old twaddle from a fired Trek employee who now is a Republican county chairman — all dredged up a week before the election. There are plenty of good issues to vote on, including Burke’s record as a businesswoman. After all, she brought it up. But these reports prove nothing and say more about the attackers than they do about her.

One thought on “Milwaukee Journal Cuts To The Core Over Mary Burke Trek Issue

  1. Denis Navratil

    “But as of today, we know no more about Burke’s time at Trek than we did earlier this week.”

    Well that is not exactly true. We know that Mary Burke was either fired, per the claims of the extrekkers, or, she was reorganized out of a job, per Mary Burke’s recent statements. And we all know that business rock stars, as Burke portrays herself, don’t get reorganized out of daddy’s business. Either way, we know that Burke has not been honest about her tenure at Trek. That is info we didn’t have at the beginning of the week.

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