Super Tuesday Election Menu With Predictions

Each presidential election year James and I gather small groups of different people together for some food as we watch the political events take place around the nation.  For now it is the primary elections, with convention season in the summer,  debates in the fall, concluding with the Super Bowl of politics the first Tuesday in November.   I can not think of a better evening than to have great food, stimulating conversation, and a strong dose of national politics so to allow everyone to have a nice time.

Tuesday night it gets really percolating with eleven states in play.  But to what degree any state will produce a surprise for either party or for any campaign is hard to imagine.  Yet there is every reason to be excited.  What will the spread be between candidates?  What types of voters aligned themselves to support candidates from state to state?  How will events at the polls impact the deep divisions within the Republican Party?   Will the GOP field shrink?  Will Democrats feel it is time for the nomination fight to stop?    Can those who want it to continue find a realistic roadmap for such an outcome?  How will victory and concession speeches be presented?

Sadly, for the GOP and the nation, Donald Trump wins everywhere except in Texas.  In the Lone Star State Ted Cruz will win his only contest of the night.  While Marco Rubio has made recent headlines he has also hurt his image.  Getting into the sewer with Trump was not my idea of what it meant to take on the orange-skinned man.  I wanted Rubio to rise to the debate but do so with intellect and lifting words.  Talking about the size of Trump’s whatever is just beneath the level of discourse that this country needs–or expects.  For a whole number of reasons Rubio will not win a single state.

Ben Carson will be the man staying in the race regardless of how shabby he does as his whole purpose for campaigning is to see how much money he can take from the pockets of Christians in this nation.  When it comes to who will exit the race following Tuesday it would seem Cruz is the most logical choice as the establishment does not like or have an interest in him.  Rubio seems stuck in the mud but at this point he and John Kasich are the only real chances to stop Trump.  If there is even a realistic chance of that still happening.

Democrats will feel the heat of the night in Colorado where I predict Bernie Sanders will win.   I also know Vermont will go to his column.  But everything else–and that means many delegates–are all in Clinton’s column.   That includes, as our friend Rolf asked, also in American Samoa.

For dinner James is making a green salad, homemade Savory Pumpkin Soup with sausage, Pasta Raphael with artichokes, and dessert bars.

The herbs and spices for the main dish makes Pasta Raphael quite remarkable. (This online version is not the one prepared here, as we replace parsley with cilantro, remove all the onions in favor of shalots, and use tons of Parmesan cheese.)  The original recipe came from the spouse of my best friend, and it continues to amaze those who sit at our table and taste it for the first time.  The fact it is so tasty, I hasten to add, is due to how the ingredients all blend to make a winning combination.  The aroma of the garlic and shallots simmering in olive oil will make every partisan turn to their neighbor and say ‘can’t we just get along?’

Needless to say there will also coffee and teas served.  And James would yell out to me if he knew what I was typing–for Pete’s sake he would demand–let folks know we are civilized and add wine to the menu, too.

Most important, of course, is that Tuesday night is another page in our nation’s long, delightful, and at times unreasonable political narrative.  I always think it best to experience such events with others who feel the passion of the night as I do.

May it always be this way.

2 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Election Menu With Predictions

  1. pattilynn9

    I live in Tx. What I’m hearing is ‘anybody but Cruz’ from way more ppl than I’d have thought. He’s widely disliked, but some ppl are homers thinking Tx will benefit if he’s Pres. But that’s not gonna happen. So, I’ll step out on a limb and say Trump will win Texas.

  2. Glad to have you all the way from Texas as a reader to this blog. I love the fact how the internet connects over the miles. I know it has been doing that for quite some time but it still makes me smile. It will be a grand evening for politics and from whichever side of the candidates we might sit we all agree this is fun. Have a nice evening watching the returns roll in.

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