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Morley Safer, Veteran CBS News Correspondent, Dies at 84

May 19, 2016

Are we not fortunate to have such legends in broadcasting and journalism that makes it seem they have always been there, and always will be down the road?

60 MINUTES  63630, fr's 1, 3, 8 (Morley Safer in office, April 21, 1980).   Copyright CBS Broadcasting, Inc., All Rights Reserved, Credit: CBS Photo Archive

Morley Safer in office, April 21, 1980  Credit: CBS Photo Archive

That is the way I think of Morley Safer.  I can not recall a Sunday in my lifetime when Safer was not a part of 60 Minutes.  He may not have had a segment being aired each week but his face and name was always a part of the opening to the famed and much awarded Sunday newsmagazine show.

Today the veteran CBS news correspondent died at the age 84. Safer was the longest-serving correspondent in 60 Minutes history. He joined the CBS program in 1970 and filed his last report in March.

Just this past week Safer had decided to retire and there was a special hour of memories broadcast during last week’s broadcast.  There was no way not to smile while recalling the places that he took us as we sat in our living rooms–places Safer knew he needed to describe with powerful writing even though the camera was capturing so much on film.

It was the fact that he knew how to write a punchy paragraph and operate the fundamentals of being a reporter in a most skilled way that always made him so welcome in our home.  I respected how he marshalled his facts to make a well-rounded and informative story.    He made it look easy—but in fact it was not.  His professionalism was the key to making it seem effortless.

Sunday night will still be a time to tune in a mainstay that now is as much a part of our culture as attending services that morning.  But there will be a missing face and voice that can never be replaced.  But it is also true Morley Safer will never be forgotten.

That is what we do with legends–hold them in memory.

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  1. Evelyn permalink
    May 21, 2016 5:24 PM

    You might like this obit from Washington Monthly—

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