LBJ Bull Trivia


During the two week 1963 holiday vacation at the LBJ ranch in Texas, the month after the assassination of President Kennedy, a most witty and memorable line was made by a well-known reporter.

President Johnson piled reporters into his large white Continental convertible so he could show off his large ranch .   The president honked on the bullhorn–a large moaning sound akin to a bull in distress at the touch of a button on the dashboard–in an attempt to encourage cattle to get out of the way as the group veered off the dirt track.  At one point LBJ stops the car, gets out, and d engages bulls on foot.

Noting that the Speaker of the House was next in line for succession (there was no vice-president at this time) if Johnson died, Tom Wicker of The New York Times, wrote that this “entertainment arouse in those who see it visions of John McCormack in the White House”.

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