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Calling Out Antifa Activists

July 1, 2019

There comes a time when we can not stay silent any more.  Like now.

Many have talked or blogged about antifa activists.  While I have read about this group I have not blogged about them, mainly due to always finding another story which propelled me to my keyboard with more passion.  But then I saw this photo.  I did not know who the man was or what happened.  It was his eyes which drew me in to find out more.  He looked more than hurt, he looked stunned.  That is what got my attention.


The man, Andy Ngo is an Oregon photojournalist who covers Portland’s frequently violent protest scene.  He was taken to the hospital Saturday after being attacked by black-masked antifa activists.

Being an editor at the online platform Quillette comes with many responsibilities.  But needing to know how to defend oneself as a journalist should not need be a prerequisite for heading out to do the job.  Ngo was struck on the head and face “multiple times” by antifa protesters, who also threw objects and a milkshake at him as he tried to walk away.

Again, not what any one should expect when covering a news story.

The attack, recorded in part by the Oregonian and posted on Twitter, came during Saturday’s Rose City Antifa counter-protest against a rally held by the far-right group Proud Boys in downtown Portland.  Let me be clear in stating that neither group is the type we would want dating our sister.   But it was the antifa crowd which damaged and hurt this journalist–and that is why this post is written.

Bloody cuts and bruises is the aim of the antifa crowd, as demonstrated on far too many occasions.  Ngo was punched several times in his face and on his head–and this all took place in the middle of a street.

In America.

There is no refuge on this blog for anyone who attacks a journalist.  Period.  What happened to Ngo was reprehensible.

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