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Profanity Pompeo, Proof Of A Primitive Person

January 25, 2020

I come from a world where words matter.  How one talks and expresses themself is seen as a barometer of character.

So it was really rather surprising, following a Chamber Orchestra concert last night where my mood was lifted and soothed, to then hear a news report that Mike Pompeo, after giving an interview to National Public Radio went on a profanity-laden melt-down.  I really was not prepared for his verbal onslaught which I heard from a reporter.

Mary Louise Kelly had asked a series of questions regarding international developments and the interview was concluded.   It was then Kelly said she was asked to follow an aide who led her (without a recording device) to Pompeo’s private living room.  Kelly described what happened next: “He shouted at me for about same amount of time as the interview itself had lasted.” Kelly said Pompeo, using profanity, asked her, “Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?”

According to Kelly, Pompeo then questioned whether she could find Ukraine on a map. Kelly said when she replied affirmatively, Pompeo “called out for aides to bring us a map of the world.” Kelly explained, “I pointed to Ukraine. He put the map away.” According to Kelly, Pompeo said before leaving the room, “People will hear about this.” He was right about that.

Pompeo’s behavior was roundly criticized on Friday. Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, tweeted, “I thought it was the responsibility of the Secretary of State to explain to Americans why they should care about Ukraine, not to berate a journalist asking legitimate questions about his lack of support for foreign service officers acting professionally.”

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said that Pompeo “proves himself as crude & incompetent as Trump.” Jake Tapper pointed out that Kelly’s questions were “reasonable, relevant and appropriate and politely and professionally asked.” Rep. David Cicilline called Pompeo a “national embarrassment” over the incident. And former Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro lauded Kelly, saying she displayed “excellent journalism” and adding, “Other journalists should take note.”

It is also clear the Philistine also does not like to be hit with hard questions from a female reporter.

What is shameful is that Pompeo, like the others in this freak show from the Trump Administration, is damaging our democracy, national security and international standing in ways that may be irreparable.  They also continue to try to intimidate journalists.  The tactics used to do this are typical of a bully.

A truly primitive mind.

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