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Madison Being Contacted By ‘Police Organization’ Asking For Money, Is A GOP Front Operation

February 6, 2020

This home is one that can be counted on to support the Madison Police Department.  We are proud of the work the men and women in blue provide on a daily basis to our community.  So when there is an attempt to play on those sentiments by interlopers who ask for money for financial assistance for ‘police causes’, and then get rude when pressed to explain, and then finally hang up the phone on me…..

….that is when I turn to my blog.

This morning a call came to our home from (608) 299-9239.  The person on the other end of the line had what I would term a professional radio type voice.  He expressed the need for our assistance to help fund ‘police causes’.  He said that that they were a 527 non-charitable organization.   I asked to have that explained to me–as the 527 description was not one that I readily connected with.

He told me he did not know and would need to pass me to a “manager”.  The woman who then picked up the conversation would not answer my question but instead gave me this website—–National Police Support Fund.

And then promptly hung up on me.

This is–quite clearly–not the behavior I expect from anyone who calls my home when asking for money.  If I have a question that needs to be answered before forking over cash I expect an honest response.  And some civility.

When I looked at the website following the “manager” hanging up on me I discovered that the ‘police causes’ that they wanted my money for were to assist with their own described mission as a “political organization” so to “to influence the selection, nomination, election, or appointment of candidates to federal, state, and local offices.”

One does not have to search very deeply into the website to quickly ascertain this is a Republican operation dressed up to lure those who appreciate our police by providing financial support to those we would not otherwise ever give assistance.

The National Police Support Fund is a con job impersonating an honorable person dressed in blue.  The organization claims to care about police but are really are only interested in bankrolling Republican conservatives at election time.

Those who pick up the phone need to be aware!

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