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Senator Susan Collins Is Truly A Stooge

February 8, 2020

Collins as Stooge

(Yes, that is my own photo creation.)

Once again Maine Senator Susan Collins is proving that being inept is the only strength she possesses.  She voted to not hold Donald Trump accountable in his impeachment trial.   While many truly amazing, and even stupifying comments, were made on the floor of the Senate perhaps none was more outlandish than what came from Collins.

We are very much aware that Trump is not someone who is willing–or let me be more clear–capable–of learning about how to better conduct himself in the Oval Office.  So when Collins stated why she would not vote to punish him it underscored how delusional she continues to be about her senatorial duties.

“I believe that the president has learned from this case” is the way she framed her reasoning to a reporter before the vote, and then added to this remarkable comment on the Senate floor with “​The president has been impeached. That’s a pretty big lesson.”

Really, Senator Collins?

To add to the glibness and silliness is her comment in Maine later in the week when she put her verbal foot down stating disapproval if Trump retaliating against anyone who came forward with evidence against him.

Well, I am sure with her stern look and forceful tongue it found its way to the conscience of Trump, and like Paul in the Bible, he saw the light.  Right?

The lesson that Collins had prattled on about was never to materialize.  Just 48 hours after being acquitted by the Senate, Trump fired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin brother, both decorated military men.  Then Trump fired  Gordon Sondland from his post.  Both men testified before Congress during the investigation that led to Trump’s impeachment.

There is clearly a payback taking place by Trump and Co. at the White House and without a doubt, Collins is firmly pounding a fist into her other hand and saying, “bad, bad man!”

That will teach Orange Mussolini!

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