John Nygren Deceived Voters, Takes Lobbying Job After Winning Election

When it comes to shameless acts it would be rather difficult to one-up former State Representative John Nygren. The incumbent resigned his elected office after having won it on November 3rd so to become a lobbyist for the Wisconsin Association of Health Plans. In so doing he underscores why Republican campaigns about fiscal austerity and personal accountability are as solid as Donald Trump giving lessons on marriage fidelity.

One might assume the maneuvering to secure this new job took place before the election, meaning that Nygren deceived the voters about his intentions in running and serving once elected. If he did not seek the job prior to the voting then he has a character flaw that would allow him, once elected, to spurn those who had just cast a ballot for him.

Winning an election, then resigning the following month, only to take a job to exert pressure on former colleagues is something that most candidates, in good conscience, could not do. Most candidates have more respect for not only themselves but also for the voters they recently asked for support. Disdaining the election process and the voters are unseemly.

Nygren is like the person who accepted a dinner invitation but at the last moment discovered a better offer. That is just not a good color on anyone.