MUST SEE: Intense Tornado Video From Inside Iowa Car

THY most intense tornado video I have ever watched. This is something we can almost actually feel as the funnel lands, moves, whips, destroys. The footage is from this past weekend when a multi-vortex EF-4 tornado near Winterset, Iowa blasted its way across the land.

Humphrey History Video: Bipartisanship!

It seems quaint to write of political opposites seeing their role on the national stage being about the higher requirements of the country. But history shows that was the case.

President’s Day With Nostalgic Memory Of Administering Oath Of Office

History meets warm nostalgia in Vermont as Calvin Coolidge’s dad administers the presidential oath of office in 1923–to his son. Grand narrative by Gregory Humphrey.

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Humphrey’s History Video: HEARING The Opening Of The Erie Canal

During Wisconsin’s Stay At Home order, so to combat COVID-19, I am recording a series of 60-second grand stories from history.   Bet you have not heard this story concerning the opening of the Erie Canal.

Humphrey’s History Video: Naked Presidents

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Humphrey’s History Video: Sam Rayburn

During Wisconsin’s Stay At Home order so to combat COVID-19 I am doing a series of 60-second grand stories from history.  Today I tell a story of Sam Rayburn which will bring a smile.

Violent Video Game, Red Dead Redemption II, Not Healthy For Young Minds

At a time when everyone wishes to curb violence in society, especially with gun deaths, it was alarming to see included in my national newspaper today a huge advertisement for Red Dead Redemption II.   It was no simple ad, but instead a colored four-page heavy stock paper splash that was aimed to make an impression.

It did get that here, but not for the reasons the sellers were hoping for.

This blog has continually spoken out for gun control.  Everyone is aware that gun violence is off the charts, and there is no data to show it is likely to be contained.  The factors such as an obscene availability of weapons and ease of obtaining them, is often at the heart of my posts.    But it is also very important to press for better mental health services, and a reduction in society’s desire to glorify violence, murder, and bloodshed.

Which is why I am floored at what landed on my kitchen table when I opened up the blue plastic bags of newspapers this morning.

One of the ‘new and improved’ elements to version II is that the player will get into shootouts virtually the minute the game starts.  Players can kill enemies with a wide arsenal of over 50 weapons.  The game’s shotguns allow a character to blow heads, arms, and legs clean off.   There is also something termed the Dead-Eye targeting system – which allows you to line up a series of shots before unleashing fury with your weapon.  It can be upgraded to target vital organs.  If you upgrade the ability, you’ll be able to see an enemy’s weak points glowing in an X-ray view of their body, allowing you to go for the heart or other kill shots.

This is just seriously wrong at a time when we know the impact this type of desensitizing has on young people and others who have mental health issues.

I went online this morning and looked at some material from version one, and was left knowing that the small samples I viewed can in no way be good for children and teenagers.  It is imperative that if one is truly concerned about gun violence that solutions are sought about all aspects of the issue.

Part of the problem is with video games such as this one.