Ted Zigmunt, A Common Sense Candidate, For Wisconsin State Assembly


I have never before entertained the notion of endorsing a candidate for an election that is almost one year away.  However there is such a need for the people in Wisconsin’s 2nd Assembly District to again have a stable and competent member in the Wisconsin Legislature, that I offer this early political nod of the head.

The only thing one can say about the current State Representative is that he knows how to draw attention to himself.  Over and over Frank Lasee has offered notions such as arming teachers in schools with guns, working to drastically cut funding to the University of Wisconsin Law School, and wondering if there are just too many counties in Wisconsin.  All of these lame ideas generated much interest and discussion about Lasee, but did not assist the needs and desires of the people who Lasee is supposed to work for.  If Lasee has ideas about running for Congress, he should not use the people he promised to represent in Madison, as a stepping-stone for getting attention.   The voters deserve better respect than that.

When I read that Frank Lasee had a paternity suit brought against him and finally acknowledged he was the father, or when he used his office and position to investigate the sex lives of students in Brown Deer, I knew I had to commit myself to making a change in the ‘leadership’ that Lasee was providing.

Clearly the voters of the 2nd Assembly District deserve better.  They work hard, pay their taxes, and play by the rules.  They need a State Representative that will mirror their good qualities, and hopes for the future.  Ted Zigmunt is the person who can lead the way.

He proved his sincerity when running for the office in 2006.  So I was very pleased when I read his note this past August alerting me to his candidacy for the State Legislature in 2008.

Ted Zigmunt is a solid Democrat committed to making sure our education system functions with quality teachers and solid goals, that everyone has affordable health care coverage, and our Great Lakes are protected.

Too often Frank Lasee forgot his constituents in his zeal to make bold outlandish headlines in order to further his career.  What the voters of the 2nd Assembly District need is a common sense thinker who is comfortable just being their State Representative. 

When Ted Zigmunt takes the oath of office as a State Representative the voters will know they have one of their own truly working for the hopes and dreams of a better Wisconsin.

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