Vinyl LP Recordings Coming Back! Elvis Costello Ignores CD Format (And Where To Buy Vinyl)

The trend by some recording artists to use vinyl again is wonderful for folks like myself who have long known that the warm rounded sound that is found on an LP never has existed on a CD.  One understands there is a big difference in sound if you grew up in the vinyl era like I did.  While I love change in the tech world, I also admit to having very warm and sentimental feelings about things such as the ‘pop’ on an LP.   The vast majority of music I listen to at our home is on albums.  (James being 10 years younger listens more to CD’s)  Now over the past many months I have become more aware that I am not alone in my thinking.  (Regardless of what James thinks.) (Smile)

I heard the news this past Christmas that makers of record players were having a grand season with sales as more music lovers aged 18-35 were buying the machines to play vinyl on.  Now there is news that Elvis Costello will ignore the CD format and record his newest album since 2004 on vinyl.   While small name bands have done the same thing for years, Costello is a powerhouse performer who is making a clear statement.

Costello has a unique marketing plan for his new release. Costello’s nontraditional release strategy for Momofuku. At least at first, it will come out only on vinyl, with a digital download code inside the package.

I recall with fondness browsing among albums as a teenager on Saturday afternoons in Stevens Point.  From the music store on Main Street (Graham’s?) to Woolworths there was something special about looking at albums.  The colorful covers and liner notes were easy to read and just pure fun.  Buying vinyl today is more difficult, but not impossible with sites such as      I heard Barry Mayer, owner of the site, interviewed last night and his love for vinyl is genuine.  He has an amazing selection! Even the real Elvis!  (Smile)

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