Pictures: Madison’s Willy Street Fair Parade

If you talk with those who live around Williamson Street and ask what makes summer so special on the Madison Isthmus, many will respond by mentioning the Willy Street Fair parade.  The last festival of the summer in Madison produces one of the most eclectic and delightful parades that I have ever seen.  It is a parade made up of those who live in the area, and as the parade winds its way through the streets that are dotted with cheering and clapping friends and neighbors it is easy to see why people love to call this place home.    After all how much better can a parade be then when a local pasta company (RP’s Pasta)  throws packages of linguini as if it were candy!  First the parade, then lunch!!  It really is that easy.  (Even easier if you have a “James” to make some clam sauce.)









When all is said and done about any parade, as always, it is about the young  faces that make up the color and excitement both in the street……..


….and those who are happy to sit atop dad’s shoulders, such as Nathan, and eat candy that is thrown by those who walk by.







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