Republicans Always Fight Change And Social Improvement

There has never been a policy of great social importance when the Republicans led the cause to victory in Congress.  Be it Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security the GOP were either in stark opposition to the idea, or very tepid in their support when granting votes to the causes that made America a better and more equitable place to live.  So it comes as no surprise that once again the cry of doom can be heard from those who cozy up to corporate interests after they heard that the health care plan being shaped in Congress will add some form of a public option to the mix

The contentious debate over health care took a new twist Monday as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced his decision to craft legislation including a public insurance option allowing states to opt out.

Reid’s decision is a major victory for the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

Reid, a Nevada Democrat, has been melding legislation from the more conservative Senate Finance Committee and the more liberal Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. The Health Committee included a form of the public option in its bill; the Finance Committee did not.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has insisted that the House of Representatives will pass a health care reform bill including a public option.

President Obama is “pleased that the Senate has decided to include a public option for health coverage,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in a written statement.

Today was another step forward in addressing the needs of Americans with a health care plan that makes our nation more in line with the rest of the world.  It is not a perfect public option by any means, but it is moving this issue in the direction we need to head.  In light of the news today there are many Republicans who are spewing hate concerning the idea of government helping those who are on the lower end of the economic ladder.  But let us remember who are complaining today, and what they have denounced in the past.

Let us not forget that it is never Republicans leading the way on social progress, but instead always the ones fighting change and social improvement.

4 thoughts on “Republicans Always Fight Change And Social Improvement

  1. Ferrell Gummitt

    The conservative economic philosophy is primarily based on the idea that if you cut taxes, you’ll raise more in revenue than you lose.

    No, actually, the conservative economic philosophy is that what you earn belongs to you and as a fundamental precept of the United States, you should be free to do with it as you see fit. What money is required by the government in order to fulfill its constitutionally enumerated obligations is the extent that money should be taken from those who earn it.

    It is not the constitutionally mandated obligation of the federal government to provide health insurance for its citizens, any more than it is the obligation of the government to run an automobile company, decide on the salaries of personnel in private industry, build blueberry research institutes, or add feng shui to the building codes. And yet it does all these things and with money that rightfully belongs to you.

    If you wish to help accomplish any of these things, please do so – that is the definition of freedom. Taking my money from me to do these things on penalty of imprisonment if I do not “voluntarily” go along is something else entirely.

  2. patrick

    Would states that “opt out” pay a lower tax rate? No. Would they be free of federal mandates and regulation which always follow government allocation of taxpayer money? No. The simple reason is that the constitution fordibs the federal government from taxing or regulating states differently. This prevents the feds from taking their anger out on “unpopular” states. Therefore, unless you are stunningly blind or ignorant of the constitution, you see the the state “opt out” plan is pure B.S.

    Conservatives are not opposed to social change or even the reform of health care. They just don’t have the luxury of mandatory hour long false-promise sessions and staged townhall meetings which every national network must carry.

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