Saturday Song: Brett Eldredge “She Calls Me Raymond”

Alzheimer’s and county music blend here today.  But first I want to acknowledge a wonderful event for a singer and song writer. 

Last weekend Brett Eldredge stepped onto the Grand Ole Opry stage for the first time to sing.  I want to recognize that moment, and the comments that Eldredge made.  What he had to say was what I hope all would feel if given the chance to stand in the famed circle.

Not only was the young artist introduced by his mentor, the legendary Bill Anderson, but his performance was witnessed first-hand by a large crowd from his hometown of Paris, Illinois which included Brett’s grandparents Shirley and Spizz Eldredge, who traveled to Nashville, Tenn. to see their friend, relative and hometown boy’s dream come true.

“I remember standing by the stage and thinking about all those people who have stepped in that (wooden) circle before me … Hank Williams, Johnny Cash … all the people that are part of the Opry history, the legends, the people who have made music what it is today,” Eldredge said following his debut. “I was nervous but it was kind of a cool nervous. It was almost like an energy. I remember looking out in the crowd and feeling like I was having an out-of-body experience like it wasn’t really happening.”

One of the songs that Brett Eldredge is known for is one that deals with a most dreadful disease.  Alzheimer’s afflicts an ever-growing number of people, and more research is needed to find the answer at slowing it down. Hopefully someday ending it.

The young man was excited that his grandparents were going to be in the audience to see his debut.

“It will be great that my grandpa is going to be here,” Brett said with a big smile. “I kept bugging my agent about when am I going to get to do the Opry and when he told me I was invited to perform the first thing I did was call my grandpa.”

Brett’s grandma suffers from Alzeheimer’s and he was afraid his grandparents might not be able to make the trip due to complications with the disease.

“The disease makes me so angry,” he stressed. “I think one of the ways I wrote the song (Raymond) was out of anger. I was so frustrated and it helped me through this time.”

The song that Eldredge wrote called “She Calls Me Raymond” was the second song that he performed at the Mother Church of Country Music.   I use a radio studio singing for the video today.

18 thoughts on “Saturday Song: Brett Eldredge “She Calls Me Raymond”

  1. Gail

    this is a beautiful song if you have a family member who has this you will understand they are so confused and rhey call people their love ones it a pleaser to find a special guy to sing such a beautiful song i cried thanks so much

  2. Darlene

    If that song does not bring you to tears I don’t know what will!!! My mother had the same illness and I can not think of words any better then these!!!! thank you so much- I would love to meet HIM!!!!!

  3. CarolynD

    My sister pointed this song out to me today. Our mother has Alzheimer’s and is in a memory care facility. Dad or one of us girls goes every day to visit her. Somedays we might be remembered for who we are. But most lately she just lights up when I walk in and she tells me how thrilled she is to have time with me. I don’t know if she knows that I’m one of her daughters but I can see the love in her eyes and hear it in the few words she tells me. That makes it good. Then when she hugs and kisses me – the world just gets better! I cherish every second with Mom.

  4. Eloy Davila

    “She Calls me Raymond” also mentions that Raymond Davis was buried in Arlington in “71.
    He must have been a Vietnam casualty in 1971? Please give me an answer.

  5. Ashely

    I work in a nursing home and I see those with Alzheimer’s everyday. It is a hard thing to deal with!. I love this song! It is so true!

  6. Jess

    I cried when i heard this song for the first time. My grandmother had Alzhiemers and she recently passed away ( 3 weeks ago ).

  7. Paula

    We heard him perform this last night in Rockford, IL …he opened for Willie Nelson. I’d heard the song before, but it was so touching to see him sing it live. He’s an amazing talent, I look forward to hearing more from him in the future!

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