Rahm Emanuel Has Huge Lead In Chicago’s Mayor Race

After Christmas the elbows will start to be thrown around as contenders for Chicago mayor start to aim for the February primary.

But no matter how they try to dice and slice there is one very formidable candidate to deal with.

Rahm Emanuel. 

Chicago Retail Merchants Association (CRMA), a committee of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA), has released findings from its second poll conducted in the Chicago Mayoral race. The poll finds that Rahm Emanuel has widened his lead over his rivals, maintains his edge in every demographic and geographical category and remains the front-runner over all other candidates combined. Overall, Rahm Emanuel garnered 43% with Gery Chico at 11%, Carol Moseley Braun at 7%, Danny Davis and Miguel Del Valle at 6% and James Meeks at 3%, while 16% of likely voters are still undecided. The first poll conducted by the CRMA one month ago found Emanuel leading the pack of Mayoral hopefuls. The new poll numbers indicate Emanuel has increased his lead with the percentage of undecided voters decreasing.

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