Five-Star Video Letter To Sarah Palin….America Needs To See This

From a young man on You Tube……the BEST thing I have read or seen yet today….about Sarah Palin and the shooting in Tucson.  The shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords that Sarah Palin can not wash her hands from.

6 thoughts on “Five-Star Video Letter To Sarah Palin….America Needs To See This

  1. Alex

    This is a description of the ad that I’d like to see against Jon Kyl in 2012: a montage of some of the sound bites from the tea party calling for violence– “If ballots don’t work, bullets will,” etc, and some of the stuff that Sarah Palin has said and done. And then a clip from the news today, followed by “Vote for __________ and Barack Obama on November 6th. Kind of like the “Daisy” ad.

    Sadly, in this political climate, it just might encourage someone to go out and “finish the job.”

    I guess it probably would be in poor taste unless it was Giffords herself, or maybe her spouse. And who knows whether either of them would be in any shape to gear up for a Senate run. But I am just fed up with all the violent rhetoric that is being employed.

    Was it even close to this bad leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing? I was 8 at the time, so I wouldn’t really know.

  2. Ruth M Allen

    I am not sure if a Republican leaning woman is allowed to leave a comment on this blog…but today, I must. I just finished watching Faux News as it is referred to here – and heard JD Hayworth who has debated Rep. Giffords. He called upon Americans to pray vs. politicize this shooting event. I also heard the mother of the 9 y.o. victim speak of her daughter’s birth on 9-11 with the passion of this little girl to learn more about public service and her love for this country. I do not see Rep. Giffords and the “other victims” who in these cases are nameless as to their political leanings. I do no believe the surgeons, morticians, law enforcement, and the Lord see them in that light either. I pray that Rep. Giffords fully recovers to return to the US House of Representatives.

  3. The Democrats didn’t waste any time exploiting the tragic shooting in Tuscon Arizona. Bill Clinton and the Dems had their Timothy McVeigh moment after Republicans trounced Democrats in the 94 congressional election, blaming talk radio and Rush Limbaugh. Now it’s Obama and the Dems turn to connect the Tea Party and Glenn Beck to another crazy anti-semite loser. The sad thing is, it will probably work in favour of the party that lost this past November. Look for Republicans to remain silent and needlessly intimidated while the Democrats ratchet up the politically motivated rhetoric, inventing conspiratorial connections where there are none; come to think of it, that’s exactly what anti-semite losers like Jared Loughner and Timothy McVeigh do – create conspiratorial connections where there are none. To the kid in the video: Cut out the act and grow up.

  4. Ruth,

    Less than 1% of the commments made to this site are not posted. They are not posted for the same reason that a newspaper would not print them. I think you are safe…..(smile)

    I fell sadness about this matter too, but I also feel anger.

    In 2011 in America we should not have to deal with gunslingers on our streets. Nine year old kids that want to meet a member of Congress should not be shot in the town square.

    JD does not not to politicize this shooting as when that happens he and others in the GOP are found to be at the center of why the laws allow for the shootings in the first place.

    Until more people get angry and demand laws to be changed there will be more shootings.

    I find that a reason to be angry.

    Being sad for the victims does not do them any good. Being angry and wanting changes will help insure there are fewer victimns to be sad about.

  5. Terri

    Nobody thought that someone on the edge would take the crosshairs and gun analogies literally? I guess it’s all in fun until somebody does. Suggesting violence is irresponsible. Democrats are not trying to “exploit” the situation, but to get people to think about their out of control, hateful rhetoric that either lead to this or certainly could have led to this. If they had been civil, there would be no finger pointing.

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