Wisconsin Has New Supreme Court Justice, JoAnne Kloppenburg Wins Most Votes


Attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg has declared victory over incumbent state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

According to unofficial results, Kloppenburg had 204 more votes than Prosser. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Kloppenburg had 740,090 votes, or 50.01 percent. Prosser had 739,886 votes, or 49.99 percent. Final results could change and aren’t official until they are canvassed and certified by the Government Accountability Board.

Kloppenburg issued a statement thanking Prosser for his service and vowing to be an impartial judge. Prosser’s campaign didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment on whether he would seek a recount. The latest such a request could be made is April 20.

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin Has New Supreme Court Justice, JoAnne Kloppenburg Wins Most Votes

  1. maryw

    It blows my mind that people still dont get it.I actually was shocked prosser even got a 1/4 of the votes he did.I thought wisconites understood,its not even about unions,its a much bigger picture then that.Wisconsin is a ”””at will employment state””that means a employer can and will fire you for wearing a purple hat,if thats not his favorite color,seriously.Workers already have NO RIGHTS,thay have had the benefits already slashed to 10,000 out of pockets,5,000 deductables,no retirement plans,nothing anymore.We sat by and let this happen,enough!!!!!!Some people complain,well the union workers get good benefits,good wage,i dont,so they cant either.Do u know how infantile that sounds,but in the bigger picture,what the heck is wrong with people getting decent wages,decent insurance,retirement,Thats how it use to be,we need that back,not taken away.When wanker aka walker wanted to take away the only tool ”US WORKERS,ALL OF US”, which is are right as humanbeings to sit at a table w/are employers and so NO ,YOU ARE NOT TAKING ANYMORE FROM OUR FAMILYIES,”ENOUGH”,wanker tryed to take away are god given right to speak and be heard,thats got nothing to do with a union or a democrat,its got to do with are rights as a humanbeing,maryw

  2. LibsKeepDreamin

    Hahahaha stupid liberals……….she lost by over 7 thousand votes and a canvasing is NOT an official count once they figured out the official count was a correction over the initial UNofficial count which was utterly was wrong just based on registered voters all those millions of dollars the unions poured in to defeat Proser only proves the libs still got it wrong…………and creating a political climate in law where ONLY the constitution (yea not the UN world court or French law counts libs and no communist manifesto rulings either)…….
    Libs probably think Obama will win reelection??? Hillarious, and they thought they had the midterms in the bag (yea the election that they lost with the worst defeat in over seventy years on a midterm)…..Newsflash………..Obama could not win reelection against Palin’s daughter………Obama can be the new first one billion dollars plus spent president to lose…..not because anyone is racist or stupid but only because he is a LIAR! The greatest liar spender polarizer in history…..five days on the website for all bills, no earmarks or veto, no backroom deals on healthcare: CSPAN cameras during all debate, no lobbyists, change the atmosphere no more partisan vitriol, work together, no private funds for his election, no special interests, no military tribunals, close GITMO, out of IRAQ in six months, no no-bid contracts, no military intervention without approval of congress (libya) and on and on……….with the lies. Obama has alienated all moderates in both parties and independants and even conservatives that voted for him first go round he’s outta there in one…….

  3. David R Velasquez

    @LibsKeepDreamin… What, are you ten years old…or just “special”?
    Of course we had every reason to suspect something wasn’t right with the late addition of votes…so what. All Prosser’s victory proves is the power of money…the millions the Koch brothers sunk into this election. It was still a good turnout and there WILL be recall elections.
    Saving your gloating for then… if there’s anything left at that time to gloat about.

    Maybe in the meantime you should find out if it wouldn’t be a good idea to get your meds dosage adjusted.

  4. jmac

    To: Keep dreaming

    Don’t be so sure that Obama won’t be re-elected! I thought that Americans could never be dumb enough to re-elect Bush the 2nd time and they did. Besides that, just who do you think you’re going to run that isn’t a joke???

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