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Will Wisconsin Recall Elections Be Held On One Day?

April 22, 2011

Many have wondered, with the high number of recall elections being waged in Wisconsin as a result of the assault on state and public workers by Governor Walker and his Republican allies, how the  recall elections would be conducted.   As of this writing there are eight state senators with recall signatures gathered against them.  That is more than just a historical record!  That is real grassroots anger!   

There is no doubt that the Government Accountability Board is literally swamped in paperwork.  As such they are correctly asking for more money to run the operation, and also will request time extensions to complete their work.  In addition, it is reported the GAB will try to have as many of the recall elections take place on a single day.

The board has 31 days to review the petitions after they’re filed. But it plans to go to court next week to request an extension to allow for more time to handle the counts and attempt to synchronize the recalls so as many elections as possible can occur on the same day.

The political minds can stew over the pros and cons of such a one-day event, but the GAB can not be faulted with trying to make the train run on time given all that has been handed to them.  I can not even begin to imagine the nightmare in front of them as they sift over the names line by line by…..

To top it off there might be another name added to the pile for recall.

The Wisconsin State Legislature needs to honor the budgetary request from GAB, and do so in quick fashion.  This is not a time to hem and haw when the citizens on both sides of the aisle have spoken and want to force recall elections.

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