How Does Donald Trump Comb His Hair?

Is that Donald Trump’s hair that is wrapped around his head, or a hair piece.? Or is it a pet?

Question is could Donald run fast enough to catch it if it were to escape?

I think we need to consider the number one question about this odd man since there seems to be, at least in the mind of Trump himself, a chance he might throw his hat into the arena and run for President of the United States.  I do not think, at the end of the day, that Trump runs for the White House. (UPDATED—-In 2015 his ego entered the race!)

That obvious question, regardless of whether this goof-ball actually runs for office, is how does Donald Trump comb his hair?

First, sweep thinning front sections to the side to provide a band of cover above the forehead.   Second, and this seems to be the most important part, take the section and propel it forward so that the combover lies at a 90 degree angle with the illusion of thickness.  Third, take a section of hair from the top, roughly in line with the ear and sweep backwards and at an angle to deal with the peripheral thinning area on top.  Fourth, comb directly above ear backwards, otherwise it will trail by the face and detract from the rest of the hairdo. 

Fifth, and this is most important…have lots….and I mean LOTS of sight-impaired friends around.  Better yet a room of dolts might be best.  Which brings us to why Donald Trump has selected to hang out with teabaggers.

2 thoughts on “How Does Donald Trump Comb His Hair?

  1. JustGloria

    Your instructions as to how Trump styles his hair was going well, until you stooped to the level of idiocy with the name calling. Why must people always display their stupidity in such a way? “Which brings us to why Donald Trump has selected to hang out with teabaggers.”

    I was going to share your article, but won’t stoop so low as to subject my friends to your name calling foolishness.


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