Madison Mayor Soglin’s Police Department Admits Impotency Over Law Enforcement Issue

I am appalled at the complete admission of impotency from the Madison Police Department regarding a law enforcement issue.

Mayor Soglin must step up and address the actions of his police department.

The following is not the message that I want to see coming from the Madison Police Department.  I am sure taxpayers across the city will feel the same as I do when reading the following from their police department.

At the intersection of Williamson Street and Jennifer Street there is very clear signage that states no vehicles are to enter onto Jennifer.  In spite of the signage one can stand and watch vehicle after vehicle make the illegal entrance into the isthmus neighborhood.  It is not uncommon to see 5-6 vehicles enter in a two-minute period.

The Madison Police have been alerted to the problem, and they rightly set up sting operations to curtail the problem.   Still, the careless drivers continued to operate against the laws of the road.

So more citizen pressure was applied on Madison Police, which resulted in the following message today to members of the Marquette Neighborhood.

Emphasis below is mine.

My Officers (TEST Team) have been out there this morning as well. The usual scenario develops with too many violators to deal with and we have them driving by as we are issuing citations to others. Not very fun for them or us as they complain why they are getting caught while others are driving by.

Short of closing off this intersection, I am now convinced that we will never gain compliance. We will continue to work it when we have time, but we also have other construction areas in the city to enforce as well.


Sgt. Eric S. Tripke
Traffic Enforcement Safety Team
City of Madison Police

What other laws can be circumvented in the city if just enough people desire to do so?

5 thoughts on “Madison Mayor Soglin’s Police Department Admits Impotency Over Law Enforcement Issue

  1. CommonCents

    I have always thought that no turn from Williamson to Jennifer was dumb. But, the idea of closing off the intersection sounds like a better solution, if the neighborhood does not want traffic. You ask, What other laws can be circumvented in the city if just enough people desire to do so? The first one that comes to might is running red lights. I see that law circumvented everyday. Let’s either close the interesection or change the law and put our tax dollars to better law enforcement use where public safety is actually an issue.

  2. Patrick

    Seems to me that the Marquette “neighborhood” needs to reconsider who paid for the streets in the first place. As taxpayers they are voting to use the streets they paid for in the manner they see fit. Perhaps they are drawn to the priceless carriage stoops, hores ties, and spitoons. They must feel the Civil War-like air of history about the place and see driving down that street as a chance to renew their love affair with history. I think everyone needs to be careful around construction sites, especially when one might unearth Stonewall Jackson’s lost journal or something.

    And, I imagine most of the rest of the city rolls their eyes when they hear concerns like these from residents of snooty neighborhoods who take police resources from areas where they might actually be needed.

    Seriously, though…you really do live in an entirely different world than most. In Milwaukee or West Allis the cops would laugh in your face.

  3. Patrick,

    I thought you Republicans were law and order types! Only when they work for you do the rules apply?

    You do know that Stonewall Jackson was a Confederate soldier?

    Your comment is absurd since it is clear you have idea who lives in this neighborhood, and “snooty” would be the last word anyone would describe the eclectic types that call this place home. That we have pride in the past and care for each other might be something that places like Milwaukee or West Allis might care to emulate. We prefer talking to each other than shooting each other ’round these parts…

  4. Patrick


    I do know of a Stonewall who was a Confederate general.

    I think you have the same understanding of the people of Milwaukee and ‘Stallis that I have of the Marquette neighborhood.

    Does your new found respect for the law apply to those who cross our borders illegally?

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