John Gard Proves He Is Nothing More Than A Republican Party Hack

I recall when John Gard, newly elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly came to his first tourism committee hearing.  Being young and full of himself, Gard sported a crew cut hair style that made me turn to a Democratic member and ask what Eddie Haskell might say at the sight.  If Gard wanted to be noticed that was one way to achieve his goal.

That great memory comes to mind as newspapers around the state today are allowing Gard to garner a little more press time.  John Gard, the failed candidate for Congress is now head deep into the mess surrounding the troubling times of Justice David Prosser.

The fact now proven by Gard’s own words in an email that he was seeking commission members who would prove their conservative credentials, and “not wimp out” underscores yet one more time why the Republicans can be justly painted as the party that abuses the political process.  The process be dammed, let’s get the outcome we desire!

Over and over it has been proven Republicans in the Walker Administration are prone to the most base tactics and purely partisan moves all in the name of advancing their causes.

It reeks!

Gov. Scott Walker relied on recommendations from a former Assembly speaker who once worked for state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in appointing members of a commission investigating Prosser, newly released records show.

Three of the five people Walker appointed to the state Judicial Commission earlier this year were presented to the governor by former Assembly Speaker John Gard, the president of Wisconsin Businesses Inc. and a former lobbyist for school voucher proponents School Choice Wisconsin.

Gard told an aide to Walker that he had found people for the commission who were “fiercely conservative” and “will never wimp out,” according to an email recently released along with other documents under the state’s open records law. Gard also wrote that he’d told one of the appointees “what we were looking for and (he) said he would do it if needed,” but Gard’s email didn’t provide more specifics than that.

Walker’s appointees won unanimous confirmation from the state Senate in March, but two Democrats who voted to confirm them said they were troubled by Gard’s exchanges with the governor’s office after being shown copies of them.

“The question that immediately popped in my mind (on seeing the email from Gard) is what did John Gard tell them they have to do?” said state Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton). “To me, it’s aimed directly at trying to get rid of the whole Prosser issue.”

“These are not people who require any hand holding – they are fiercely conservative and will never wimp out,” Gard wrote. “There will be no surprises.”

Of Barrette, Gard wrote: “I laid out what we were looking for and (he) said he would do it if needed.”

Erpenbach said he wanted to know more about Gard’s discussions with the appointees and the governor’s office.

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