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When Did Congressman Raul Labrador Become ‘A Key GOP Lawmaker’?

July 7, 2013

This morning it was hard to take seriously the description of a guest during the lead-in to Meet The Press.  David Gregory in a pre-taped opening for the show informed the audience that immigration would be a topic of discussion with ‘a key GOP lawmaker’ involved in negotiations, Rep. Raul Labrador, as a guest.

When did Labrador, a nutty teabagger who never had an original idea get to be a key anything, let alone invited to the table of one of America’s most respected Sunday new shows?  I am rather stunned.

Meanwhile Face The Nation also discussed the same topic, and actually found a serious Republican, Congressman Michael McCaul, who I very much disagree with, but who is seen as credible on a raft of issues, as their guest.

Perhaps a holiday week meant that the B-team for booking was employed at MTP.

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