Fox Pictured Sitting On Windowsill Of Wisconsin State Capitol

Awesome phot0 from Mike Veldran and story from Jason Joyce in the Capital Times

As one who loves Mother Nature I find this most wonderful.  I trust that even though these beautiful creatures are best suited for the wild rural environment we can find ways to adapt to them in they city.  When James and I lived on the West Side of Madison abutting a natural watershed we often saw lots of wildlife (including foxes) and found it most pleasant.  I trust we all can find the same with these animals that visited the Capitol.


Foxes are common, if infrequent, visitors to backyards throughout the Madison area and unlike coyotes, are generally well received. That might have to do with perceptions of the fox as cunning, but playful. According to Astrid Wallner of the Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, the animal has been portrayed differently throughout history.

“In pre-Christian times, the fox was seen as a symbol of gods, like for example, as a symbol of the god of vegetation or as a symbol of forest- and mountain-spirits,” Wallner writes. “This changed in Christian times, from where on the fox was seen as a demonic creature. The fox is a very famous figure in fables and usually is described as greedy, dishonest and tricky. At the same time of all the helpful animals in fairy tales the fox is said to be the most helpful one. Most fables tell about how the fox tricks other animals to get food, but no legends or fairy tales have been found telling about the fox attacking humans.”

In Native American lore, northern tribes tend to view the fox as a wise and noble messenger, whereas plains tribes see it as a trickster.

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