Personal Security Detail Latest Bad Headline For Scott Walker

When it rains…….

As more than 300 unionized state troopers wait for their first pay raise in six years, ten Wisconsin State Patrol supervisors got a $4 per hour raise this week and they all have one thing in common – they serve on Governor Scott Walker’s (R-Wisconsin) personal security detail.

Over the course of a calendar year the raise will cost DOT an extra $83,200.  DOT officials estimate they are facing a budget shortfall of $680 million heading into the 2015-17 biennium.

The raise also comes on the heels of legislative leaders announcing they would not approve an average 17 percent raise for the 300-plus state troopers who are represented by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association (WLEA).

“At a time with such fiscal difficulties in the State of Wisconsin, I just can’t support a raise that big,” Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told 27 News on February 17.

The raise for DPU members also comes just two weeks after Governor Walker announced a freeze on all merit pay raises for state employees.


One thought on “Personal Security Detail Latest Bad Headline For Scott Walker

  1. Solly

    I’m lovin’ it. The troopers’ union and prison guards both supported Wanker in 2010. How’s that workin’ out for ya?! As far as the “merit” raises, I’m glad they’re suspended. They mainly went to ass-kissers, patronage hacks, and already highly paid management. For example, the $110,000 DMV administrator would get a $4,000 raise, and the $12.00 an hour person across the counter who dealt with angry customers all day would get zip.

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